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  1. True, but in your case, you're getting a double benefit. You're not only getting the extra N2O introduced into your oncoming airstream, but the cooling benefit of the chilled gas to keep ACT's down as well. You've better have a decent fuel system if you ever consider spraying a big shot with your blower. Yours is a prime candidate for a lean burn down otherwise. ;)
  2. Haha. Very true. I shot it on the dyno once, and I'm too lazy to go find the graph and post, but it did go a little lean right when it hit, from a typically 11.8 to about 12.5. Not that bad, but it also wasn't a very big shot.

    That setup is long gone, though. I had a few good track trips with it, and it worked quite well. A 30 hp jet picked up 5 mph and .4 seconds on most runs. The ET would have been better if it was tuned for it; the tune simply didn't have enough timing in it to make the torque needed for good 60's. Best it went was a 11.75 at 121 on a 1.83 60'. It cut a 1.74 one time, had a 330' that was .2 best than the 11.75 run, but had a hiccup just before the 1/8 when shifting to 3rd, and still only ran a 11.7. Probably would have been an 11.4 run. All from a 30 shot. :D I've since added gears, and ported/pullied the blower; therefore, the car should now have the low RPM torque needed to get it moving a little better without the nitrous.

    Also, the nitrous had exactly 0 effect on the ACTs. Couldn't tell one thing different about it at all. I don't know how a bigger shot would affect non-intercooled blowers (like mine), but I also know people running a big shot on 03/04 Cobras with Eaton, and it doesn't make a difference on those either. Sure, the nitrous is cold, but the low volume relative to incoming air and low specific heat capacity results in it not actually cooling the air much at all. OTOH, I'm spraying a LOT of water/meth relative to the air coming in (about 1 fluid ounce every 2 seconds), and it absorbs a ton of heat because of the way the methanol and water are bonded together.
  3. I have the Trickflow intake so can't do plate and spraying 125hp or less above 3k Rpms shouldn't puddle
    I have considered a 25-40 dry shot thru meter for yrs
    That is why I have 30lb injectors instead of 24lb
    As far as lean hit I have heard A/F ratio gets leaner a little bit even on wet kits so I assumed it was that time from when the fuel for the nozzle sucks from the rail for car to increase voltage to pump and pump to increase and get it back up to the rails at the fixed fuel pressure