Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. So My car is at the body shop right now getting ready for paint. I was planning on painting her all white again. I am thinking about doing something a little more....individual. I drew these pictures up but now I am not sure what I am going to do. Talk me out of it or talk me into it.

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  2. i personally like solid white. clean looking oem color seems rare enough the older our cars get.
  3. IMO that looks pretty good. Plain white is just that, plain. They're a dime a dozen. But if you take that sketch and have it done right, given your exterior is in good shape, you could have a sharp lookin stang
  4. hell yeah man i completely agree with tanner... i think that sketch looks amazing! good luck with it!!
  5. That sketch looks pretty **** hot. I would go for it.

  6. Im nervous, this is a big decision! you guys don't think it too busy looking with two tone/racing stripes??
  7. I have always liked the 'two tone' look on our cars.

    The only thing I would say, would be to maybe use a dark blue. Just my opinion.
  8. IMO you asked for it. i like the 2 tone look too but not the stripes.. typically our car don't look good with racing stripes. i've been wrong before though and it's your ride. sooo if it makes you happy go 4 it. maybe you can post a current photo of the car and someone with some PS skills can change it up for ya.
  9. I think that looks slick as hell. Never seen one like that. Go for it!

    You're gonna have to keep the chrome extra shined up though.

  10. I don't have any pics that have the hood, wing, and wheels on. This pic is as close as I could find. So if someone with photo shop wants they could put this scheme on the picture.

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  11. i like it. you could always just do the top all blue and then get vinyl white stripes to put on so you could take them off if they dont' look right.
  12. I likek the two-tone, and like the stripes in the drawing, but agree that our cars are hard to pull off good Lemans stripes on. The vinyl stripe idea might be the way to go, but think it'll look awesome if you get the stripe width right!
  13. i can't help it, some shameless stripe promotion might help sway your decision
    granted they are ghost stripes, but still....
  14. I am a big fan of racing stripes but haven't seen too many that I really liked on our cars.
  15. With the stripes the same as the bottom of the car... Do the striped only go up the hood or are they on the top/decklid as well?
  16. the stripes go on the roof and deck lid also
  17. I love how the front looks but not sure how I would like the back having the stripes...

    Two tone the car then use vinyl stripes in case you want to remove them later...
  18. That looks hot as ****. Do It Up! as my friend would say