Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. Man I miss summer. Wait till you get it idling down. My v1 just SCREAMS at idle with the powerpipe. It's awesome lol. Hella intimidating :D.
  2. rolled on the throttle at about 10 mph. When it hit 4k it spun the tires hard! Still have the 2.73 gears in her too. Need to get the new gears off the shelf and into the car! The new springs need to go on too. The front end sits WAY too high.
  3. i think i just threw up in my mouth


    that's beautiful man
  4. Thank you sir
  5. That second pic looks sweet man! Aside from the height. :D
  6. IMHO, it came out incredible! i mean besides, the obvious mess ups on his end and overspray and what not, but i think that second picture is sex on wheels man! me personally i wouldve loved to see a s281 spoiler on it, but again just my opinion. love that blue!!!
  7. I'm assuming those pix were before the motor was in?:shrug:

    J/K man!:D Looks FANTASTIC!!!:nice::nice:
  8. Thanks! didn't go with the s281 cause I see them more often.

    haha, thanks!
  9. Nope, I think the clutch is slipping. Brand new kc clutch, need to drive her more, break her in and hope she holds.
  10. Get them springs on!!! ;)


    Really try to follow the 500 mile break in and make sure you have some freeplay in your clutch pedal. I actually have a Ford Racing HD clutch (the crappy on KC version) holding fairly well.
  11. Wow, i better quit procrastinating on those springs, that makes a HUGE difference! Thanks for the photoshop motivation!

    Yeah, I need to take it easy on the clutch for a while! I guess I didn't realize that it would slip that easy!
  12. That photochop just gave me a woody... :drool:

  13. hey shaun i cant tell, but did u end up painting your wiper cowl as well? i see u did the mirrors, best mod i ever did body wise... i did my wiper cowl and it makes a HELL of a difference IMHO... cant say enough how ilove that blue! lol
  14. Well, I talked to my "painter" about painting the wiper cowl along with the mirrors, but I guess he made an executive decision not to paint it. :shrug:

    Just another thing for me to complain to him about.

    Oh yeah, also had some pinched off wires grounding out in one of my tailights from when he put it back together, also found the head light switch shorted out and melted. Tails, markers, and gauge lights weren't working. Not sure if the pinched wires caused that but they worked fine when I took it apart.:notnice:
  15. Sucks you keep finding stuff wrong with the car, but man does that thing look sweet!
  16. Thanks!
  17. Did yours slip like this when you first put it on? This is really getting annoying and I am starting to wonder if there isn't something wrong with it. Maybe I am just being paranoid and need to keep my foot out of it??"??:shrug:
  18. Thats not sounding good man... You should be able to just drive it normally and just dont go wot or hammer on it while shifting... Just make sure you never peg the thing i usually stay half throttle for the first 500 miles... Ive never had a clutch slip during break in... Some times first thing in the morning it would feel odd (really grabby some clutch smell)... but once it was broken it that was gone...

    What issues are you experiencing?
  19. Clutch shouldn't be slipping after a new install. Check:

    Everything tightened up?
    Any grease or oil get on the clutch during install?
    Did you resurface the flywheel?
    Is anything binding during the pedal depression?
    Is your engine rear seal leaking onto it?
    Are the clutch bolts the correct length?

    How many miles you got on her? If you got a liquid on there during install it will typically burn off after a bit.