Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. Well, I was planning on posting some engine bay shots today, i took this one at around 5pm


    And this one around 10:30:(

  2. So in the process of putting everything back together I destroyed my pressure side power steering hose. I go pissed off and didn't look at the car for a couple of days! Anyway, i got the new ps hose on. I started hosing out my coolant overflow, turned it upside down to shake it out and two big globs of redish brown goo, with the consistency of axle grease came flopping out! So, I think that at one time, the previous owner had mixed coolant types possibly. So I am going to flush the cooling system out good, then use some prestone cooling system cleaner for a couple of days, then flush her again.
  3. i love the 2tone idea. I also want to do it with my car except black on top, red on bottom. have been in the process of doing it for a while. just waiting for the time and money.
  4. I think that'll look awesome!
  5. Little update here. I put a smaller pulley on the blower and am getting 12lbs of boost! Got her a/f dialed in good and she has been running great lately. Up till a couple of weeks ago. My trans went bang. Busted my input shaft and cluster gear. Our track has been closed down all summer and is opening up next weekend for 4 weekends and I have been dying to see what she will run. Anyone have a used cluster gear lying around that the would give up for cheap????
  6. Another little update. I got my tko600 installed. Went for a test drive and smoked a pheasant. Ill put up some pics here in a few.

    Bumper is not sitting right, hoods not latching properly, and guess who is not painting it again...
  7. Holy crap man!!! :notnice:
  8. Come on man, faq!
  9. There is a beautiful collage of spattered liquid pheasant on the underside of the hood and motor that made it through the radiator to the fan. Getting an estimate from the body shop tomorrow. Gona have them fix a couple of my painters **** ups while I am at it.
  10. That SUCKS! Man, you're due for some good luck for a while. Sorry to see that; hope it's only white that needs to be re-sprayed.
  11. yeah, looks like just the white needs sprayed. People have been telling me that I am due for some good luck for years. I wonder when some of that good luck will come my way....