Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. did u see it when his car was red/white? it was just as beautiful! man i seriously like ur scheme and i think it would like absolutely sex on wheels... its different, u dont see it every day... with some tint and a nice set of wheels ur good to go
  2. Those stripes look good! Suggest you PM him and get some detailed pics/measurements for your painter. You've got the same hood, right?

    Do it, and let's see pics!!!
  3. Same hood I think, ABC exclusives cobra rr. I don't want it to look just like that, but I like the big fat stripes.

    I did see the red and white pics of it and those look sexy also.

    I have a set of 18" saleen repllicas waiting to be installed!
  4. That will be off the hook. The two tone with the stripes, awesome. Another good example of the stripes is on the Summit mustang the orange one with the black. Don't do vinyl for the stripes, be brave and go for it, you won't be sorry.
  5. How about the roof and pillars blue...then have blue stripes on the hood and trunk?

    Thats a tough call to make...the idea is good. But will it turn out like the "idea" of a 03 cobra bumper? Good on paper but horrible in production :0/
  6. I sketch is awesome. I would go for it. Its been said before but plain white is just that. The two tone with matching stripes provides a unique look to the car.
  7. Usually when people have to ask, their designs are dumb as *****. yours is awesome. I really like it a lot. If you can make sure you get the right shade of blue, you've really got something special there. Deep royal blue.

    You can even do white, then blue candy over the top. It would look SOO good.

    Please send me a pic when its done if you decide to do it.
  8. You can say that again!



    Powdered irridescent ghost pearl pigments that are great for mixing with custom paint, gelcoat, or powder coat.
  9. If your going to go with a light blue grabber blue or azure blue from the 03-04 mach 1's would look great! I have also always been a fan of colors like viper and vista blue.

    I love the two tone look and the stripes add a unique touch if the stripes are done right but I have to agree that I've seen more stripes I didn't like than the ones I did on 94-98's. I say go for it!!!
  10. I seen the exact opposite on a cobra at thunder valley a few weeks back.

    it was pearl blue the bottom and pearl white on the top ... Looked freakin sweet!
  11. after much deliberation, I have decided to go for it. If all goes well I will be posting pics in 3 weeks!
  12. well, its gona take a few more weeks than I was originally told. :( Not gona get her back till the end of june now!:mad:
  13. Patience!!! Don't rush the paint guy. Trust me, it's not worth it.
  14. paint is one thing you never want to rush. quality suffers when its rushed.
  15. Haha! Yeah I didn't complain at all to him! Just whining about it on here!
  16. A little update here,

    Well I was origionaly supposed to pick up the car on 6/15, but the car wasn't done, I was going to be in the area that weekend, so I went by and talked to him, and saw his progress. We made a couple of changes to the paint scheme and he asked me for two more weeks to finish the car. Well, today was the two week mark and I have been trying to get a hold of him this weekend to find out when I should rent the car trailer to come get the car. He wont answer his phone but will text me. It sounds like he wants two more weeks. He already has the car primed and wet sanded, not sure why he needs two more weeks! I wanted to have the car put back together by 4th of july weekend, but now thats not gona happen. :mad:

    What sucks the most, is that its a friend thats painting my car and its 500 miles away!

    I will give him the extra two weeks and after that I am gona loose it! :eek:
  17. that sucks.
    hope it all works out .
    sooner,rather then later.
  18. Which body shop is it at???

    I'd do something with a heavy pearlcoat in it....
  19. its not a body shop. My friend is painting it. He has the paint booth set up in his shop. I have seen a couple of cars that he has done, he does good work, i guess hes just not too punctual! He lives in Laurel MT though.
  20. oh, thats right.. I remember you telling me about it now...

    I'll be up in GF pretty soon too, hopefully after you get it back...