Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. I assume you're getting a pretty good price since it's a buddy deal. Give him time. Don't rush him, or you'll regret it. Just remember the money you're saving and the quality you're getting. If you rush him you'll almost assuredly regret it.
  2. I am getting a good price. I am not pushing him too much. I can cuss and scream on here all I want and he will never hear it! I finally talked to him last night. It is looking like It will be done in about two weeks. He even said he would deliver it for me since it took so long!
  3. its funny cuz i just faxed him over a copy of this whole thread ... hell be giving you a call shortly about some things you said :nice:

    jk lol.. always good to have a friend whos in the paint side of things... i had my front clip body work/ sprayed for a few hundred and it looks great
  4. I didn't think that your car could look any better......but I think that would do it!!! I haven't seen your car in person for a long time, If I had it I think I would sit in my garage and stare at it for hours on end (when not driving it!) :nice:
  5. Why thank you.. I'll be finishing up my interior over the next few days.. I'm working on a lean part throttle condition right now..but after I work out a few bugs, I'll be headed up to Great Falls for a couple of days.. We'll have to get together...
  6. oh yeah, did I mention that I moved to Coeur D'alene????
  7. lol.... nope... oh well
  8. oops,,,, oh well. Hopefully when I get her put back together i will be making a trip back to bozeman and billings, we will have to get together then, unless you make it up this way sooner. Haha, you should come up and run the road track in spokane!
  9. lol.. That'd cost me $600 worth of rubber just to drive there and back... I just bought ANOTHER set of Azenis.. I love those tires but they sure don't last very long..

    You should get ahold of me when you are coming back thru bozeman.. that would work out perfectly...
  10. will do
  11. Maybe that would motivate him a little bit, Ill give you his fax number! j/k

    Well, talked to him today. no suprise, but he wants yet another week. :(

    SON OF [email protected]#%# MOTHER%##^$ %#$%SUCKIN,,,,,,#$%!%!%

    AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I think im gona loose it

    Hes had my car for 6 months today. here we sit, a month and a half past my deadline.

  12. time to start crackin the whip my friend
  13. haha, got into the sauce last night. :nonono:

    went a little overboard, sorry :shrug:
  14. Don't feel bad... My dad is getting his 65 done and he is at month 23 of a 9 month timeline....
  15. ^^^ That SUCKS!
  16. Well, a little update for everyone,,,,,,,,,

    Nothing to update. Talked to him today, and guess what.
    he wants two more weeks.:rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh::bs::cry:
  17. damn dude.. summers gonna be over before you get it back :mad:
  18. you live closer to my painter than I do. Will you go over there and kick him in the junk for me?
  19. What is the hold up?