Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. You're painter sounds an awful lot like my project. I'm close to done though....not too much longer. Idea looks great though, man, can't wait to see it finished so I can nominate your ass for our SNOTM
  2. lol! That is the question!

    why thank you!
  3. I like the sketch looks good! As far as looking to busy you consider solid blue on the roof. Just a thought. Share some pics when it's done!!
  4. So.... updates??

  5. Ow. Don't kick the man while he's down. He's been updating regularly--no post means nothing's changed.

    From my lurking, an update post indicates he's checked on it, found out nothing's changed, knocked back a few to ease his pain, and he's on a rant. :D
  6. i like the rough layout, i think white takes away from chrome ,but that just me. i would go with a red and black to bring out the chrome. paint the car to suit your needs. anyway you go it will look great!!!!!!
  7. Well, I have some good news! There is paint on my car. All he has to do now is the pin stipe and clearcoat and its done(paint anyway)! I have a cell phone pic that he sent but I can't seem to get it off of my phone. Looks bada$$ though! I am excited to see the final product! At this rate I will have my car back within the year!:rolleyes:
  8. Good to hear!!! Make sure and get ahold of me if you are going to be coming thru!! I'll be around till about the end of September..
  9. I mulled over that one for a long time. I decided against a simple two tone paint scheme. I already pulled the trigger on the paint, so there is no turning back now.

    Yeah,,,, I got thirsty,,,, you can't blame me!:D

    Ill let you know, if I pick it up I will definitely get in touch, but he might be delivering it. Not sure yet. If its done and he can't bring it up this weekend, then I just might drive up and get it. We'll see. It probably won't be done though.:rolleyes:
  10. Well, I was driving down the highway the other day through a blizzard, wondering why it has been more than a month since my painter told me all that needed to be done was the pin stripe and the clear coat. I talked to another guy that is mutual friends with my painter. He said that my painter has sold his house. Hmmmmm. What should I do?????

    What would Chuck Norris do?
  11. Chuck Norris would paint the car himself, but it wouldn't be a very attractive color. He'd achieve it with a mix of blood and brain matter sprayed by a spinning roundhouse kick to the painter's head, evenly distributing the contents of said skull in a perfect, millimeter's-thin coat over the entire car (properly prepped, of course, with a media-blast of the sheetmetal using the pulverized bone matter that hit the car just milliseconds prior to the arrival of the "paint").

    No runs, no orange overspray.:D

  12. I would be at the painters house or wherever my car was to get answers and perhaps at this point, just take a loss and have someone else finish it.

    WHen is the last time you saw your car and wasnt told its "progress"? Has anything been done to it?

    Regardless of if he finishes it or not, i would get my car back. Obviously he isnt working on it so he doesnt need to hold on to it.
  13. well, I talked to my painter tonight. He said that he has got the pin stripe on and is hoping to have the clear done sometime this week. We'll see what happens!
  14. i say its time to go there and supervise
  15. My thoughts exactly. Hopefully there was more to the conversation than that....because there's no way i would be trusting this guys "word" and waiting to see if it holds true. I'd be wherever the car was at checking on it to be sure it was at where he claimed it to be.
  16. Believe me, I wish I could be there supervising! If I could the car probably would have been done long ago. But its just not an option. I am a full time father and student, and my wife works weekends and is a full time student as well. I don't have the extra time or money to make a 1000 mile round trip just to check on his progress.

    I do trust the guy though. Our families are close and I know he is just a procrastinator. I NEVER thought it would take this long though. I have some respect left for the guy, and will let him finish the car, whenever that may be. That being said, I probably won't be having him paint any other cars for me.
  17. My bad bro, didnt realize it was that far....that does change things a bit. :bang:

    good luck!
  18. :lol::lol::rlaugh::rlaugh::lol::lol:

  19. ill take it as nothing new?
  20. WTF!?!?! Still nothing!?!?!