Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. Well, I talked to my painter today,,,,,,,he wants two or three more weeks. Big surprise. He got the clear on but said he got some flecs of blue in the stripe on the trunk lid and needs to re-do it. :nonono: Got a pic of the front though. Just a cell phone pic so its not the best but gives you an idea. Im a little anxious, I would really like to get it back before mid dec but Im not gona hold my breathe. His concept of 2 or 3 weeks is a little skewed I would say,,,,so God knows when I will get it back. He has had it for 10 months now. Was supposed to get it back 5 months ago, when he asked for a couple more weeks to finish it!:rlaugh::(

    If you look close, you can see the silver outline where the white and blue meet. I think its gona look frigin awesome IF it ever gets finished!
  2. i hear ya bro. it took the guy who installed my engine took 6 months to do it.

    it took my painter 6 months to do my fairlane, but that was a total strip job with a more than a little body work

    you might start talking about him giving you discount for making you wait so long. my guy cut $500 off the price because it took him so dang long.
  3. The problem here is that not once (that I know of) have you said hey this is getting ridiculous I want my car back. And that he has had far more time than needed and has made it absolutely no priority of his to finish the car. Everytime he tells you its gonna be weeks more you just say ok. I'm not saying he's right for taking this long, but he has learned he can do whatever he wants and you won't say anything. No offense.
  4. Outch, 10 months?

    So lets take it as like, 8 months.... giving him 2 months to paint the car. Thats 8 months of insurance you paid on a car you didnt have. I would be demanding a discount and the paint sure as hell better be flawless.

    Hope you get it back soon man.
  5. We have already discussed some discount and him delivering it to me for free, I live 500 miles from him.

    Believe me, I understand what you are saying, but its just not that simple.
    To start off with I am getting the car painted for cheap. Painting is not his only source of income, so he is pretty busy with his career. He is a good friend and our families are close. If I didn't care about the quality of the paint job or our friendship I would have already threatened him with death or dismemberment.

    Thanks, I hope so too. I am not paying insurance on the car, I'm not without wheels either.

    Don't get me wrong though guys, I am mad as hell that it is taking this long, but in the end my car will be painted and the paint job and our friendship will not suffer(too much).

    Hes not touching another car of mine or any of my friends cars after this though!:flag:
  6. The first car I painted was in front of my house, what a nightmare -bugs,grass, and all other dust and crap. Yours looks a lot better than mine did.:hail2:
  7. Thanks alot! I will get some good pics of her up as soon as i get her back!

    Some day i would like to try painting, but its not gona be on my mustang! I have never painted anything before, other than with rattle cans or paint brushes! Haha, at least you tried! I don't have the guts!
  8. From the looks of the "crappy" pick, the car is going to look sick.

    Keep us posted.
  9. Thanks! I hope so!
  10. OK--New rule:

    Nobody can post any more replies to this thread until whitesqual gets his car back and he posts up lots of quality pics!

    I'm freakin tired of checking this board every day, seeing a new post to this thread, getting all excited to see that he finally got his car back, and it's someone posting "man, that'll look awesome when it's done". Of course it will! I'm getting as frustrated from this thread as he must be about his car!


    Hope you get it done soon!
  11. "man, that'll look awesome when it's done."

    Haha Sorry Husky, you set yourself up for this one!!!!
  12. HAHA, I can't imagine the anguish you are going through!:rlaugh:

    Husky, just ignore this thread for another month, maybe after that when it pops up it will have some pretty pics for ya! (lets emphasize maybe though) :nice:
  13. Over all I like the concept/colors. Two tone is always cool. The stripes "may" be over kill where it makes it too busy.... However, its your car, so go with your gut!
  14. I did decide to do it, about 6 months ago, with some small changes. :nice:
  15. Well, I finally have something to update! I made the trip down to see my car this weekend. Its not done yet, but I got the chance to see it finally! Took some pictures too, will post them later this afternoon. I went in there upset about how long its been taking, then I saw it and was speechless. Don't think I said more than 10 words! Just walked around it grinning like an idiot for 20 minutes! Hopefully he gets the rest finished, and I get to put it together before the snow melts!
  16. hey man atleast you were happy. it does suck waiting so long the way you have though regardless... but im sure it made up for it a bit. cant wait to see it!!
  17. Holy ***** dude! That looks friggin amazing!!!

    Also...what rims are you going to run?
  18. :jaw::nice:
  19. Thanks! lol, I couldn't agree more!

    I have some 18" saleen replicas sitting in the garage waiting patiently!