Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. omg... that looks AMAZING!!! honestly now, im not that mad anymore LOL... definitely worth the wait when its all said and done...
  2. lol, I was hoping that these pics would relieve some tension here on stangnet!
  3. i usually hate blue but it looks good.
  4. Thats funny, I hate red! lol, j/k.

    The color is sonic blue.
  5. i also hate red. PAH! (step brothers)


    Redfire is sex
  6. That looks amazing, dark blue is such a great color. Whats the name of that blue?
  7. I can't argue with you there!

    Thanks! Its sonic blue.
  8. not sure if its quite worth that ridiculous wait or not but damn it looks good. I really like the silver stripe to break up the solid lines of the stripes. Really gives it a contrasting color but yet doesn't scream at you to look at it. Really subtle
  9. Yeah that silver really makes it come together pretty well. It softens up the lines alot!
  10. Looks good.

  11. cool, it was such a dark deep blue I didnt think it was sonic. Can the the lighting too
  12. I think its gona look pretty good when we get it out in the sun!
  13. Well, Its only been a couple of weeks since I posted progress last but we have reached a milestone here! The one year mark. And he won't answer my calls, haven't heard from him since I was down there. This is turning into a real nightmare. Well it has been a nightmare for some time now I guess.
  14. I'm really sorry to hear that man. I'd go get my car.....finished or not. Not answering calls when u have my property is just unacceptable.
  15. Looks good.

    My engine build had my Ram engine for about a year. I feel your pain
  16. well, I talked to my painter tonight, told him i am picking it up on the 6th of feb. So If its done, great, if not, oh well. Someone else can finish it. Im not leaving it there any longer than that. Sounds like he has his head pulled out of his ass and is getting it done. But we will see in a couple weeks. Either way, my car will be home.
  17. WOO HOO!! Sux you've had to wait so damn long (and he did do a terrific job on it) but it'll be nice to finally have it back!
  18. I just hope I remember where everything goes when im putting her back together!
  19. :lol:

    If not post MANY pix and we'll help!:nice:
  20. I like it.. What front bumper are you running?????