Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. Thanks, cobra front.

    You could bring my car with you when you come up this weekend! Probably wont be done yet though.:shrug:
  2. That looks gorgeous man! Cant' wait to see er finished!
  3. Glad you have a cobra bumper.. i honestly don't think there is a better looking bumper for these cars than what ford gave us!!!

    Its supposed to snow ALOT all weekend.. I'm glad my GF has new studded snow tires on her Trailblazer..

    The girls I'm with are WILD and we'll definitely have an awesome time in Coeur'D Alene
  4. Which girls are these and what time are you guys stopping to pick me up?
  5. The girl we are coming to visit is a STRIPPER :D

    She's not gorgeous, but def good looking..
  6. pics of naked stripper and other girls too if you can or ban
  7. part 2 of my question was left unanswered....I'm just a few miles up the interstate
  8. Yah know.. I've never seen her Naked.. She's my GF's best friend..

    It would creep my GF out too much to go watch her best friend dance..
    Personally, it wouldn't bother me at all :p
  9. I don't think it would bother any of us at all either....

    oh, and hi Jinx :)
  10. that's cause nobody cares about you :D

    that's great
  11. :(
  12. Hi. Don't try to be all buddy buddy now. I try to be a nice guy and say hi every now and then and you ignore me

    It hurts my feelings :( lol
  13. my bad.. I didn't know you were in the Spokane/Coeur'D Alene area....

    She's not the nasty stripper type.. She just dances every once in awhile so she can go to school there..

    I'm not sure what we're going to be doing all weekend, but I'm sure it will be "an adventure"
  14. I'm not. I'm in Canada, but who's counting
  15. LOL I'm sorry man, even when i'm "online" on msn, I'm usually not at the computer

    Did you know, that collectively, our cars have been off the road for longer than our cars have existed? A little exaggeration on that but close
  16. I can believe that with mine :nonono:

    Well pm me your cell sometime and I can text ya lol
  17. 2 days away from picking her up right?
  18. He said he was picking it up done or not on Feb 6th. so thats in 2 days. UNLESS his painter is no where to be found and locked up the house/garage/shop
  19. The wife wants to go down to billings with me to get it. She couldn't get this weekend off work so it is going to be next weekend.:mad: Oh well! Now the painter will be waiting on me!