Help me decide on my paint job!!!

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  1. I agree, love that bumper!

    So, how did your trip up here go. Never heard from ya so, it must have gone really good or not at all!
  2. Been there. My friend in college danced in Boston. So one night a bunch of us guy friends went to see her. It was cool for a while until a drunk fat slob starts crumpling up dollar bills and throwing them at her, and he's shouting some really raunchy things. My buddy grabs the drunk guy, and tells him if he disrespects her one more time he's gonna kick his a**. Suddenly we are surrounded by 6 HUGE dudes of a**-kicking prowess, suggesting we leave.

    Trust me, keep the mystery alive.

    The paint looks great BTW.

  3. I forgot to put your number in my cell :(

    It was alot of fun.. We spent quite a bit of time hanging out in spokane.. We went to the really fun go-karts in eastern spokane, to all the malls, etc.. Having to go shopping with girls for what seems like days at a time sucks until they start trying on lingerie :)

    We went out two nights in Coeur d' Alene.. I can't remember the names of the bars we went to, but it was really fun..

    So you're taking your wife to Billings to get your mustang on Valentine's day?? Thats pretty awesome lol..
  4. I thought everyone took their wife to billings for V-day! The romance capital of uhh,,,, Montana.

    She wanted to go so........Hey maybe you could babysit my kids so I can take my wife to teasers next friday night!:D
  5. picked up the car this weekend, looks like crap
  6. that sucks...
  7. You're kidding, right?

    What happened?
  8. :bs: really???
  9. What's wrong with it?
  10. No way! Those teaser pictures didn't look like crap.

    Think your just waiting to get new photos of it so you can surprise everyone!
  11. I wish it was a joke.

    Last time I went and looked at it, I was pretty excited when I saw it, but there was still a lot of finishing work that needed done, like sand out runs and fisheyes and orange peel. We talked about those things when looked at it that day.

    None of it had been fixed, in fact I think its worse, there is a crack through the paint by the drivers side brake vent. I think he put another coat of clear on some areas and left more runs. It made me sick to my stomach.

    He said he would fix the things that are wrong with it but at this point I think I am just gona cut my losses, not pay him the rest of money for it, and have someone else fix it. Its gona cost me alot, but at least it will be done right.

    If you still think I am joking, ask Turbogt, he saw it yesterday.
  12. Wow...I'm sorry it turned out this way.

    What's his address? I think he need's to be taught a lesson on screwing over friends!
  13. Yeah, If I was doing something for a friend, I would go over the top and do a better job than what was asked for, but thats just me I guess.

    Also there is overspray on everything I left attatched under the hood. over spray on the bottom of the hood and along the edges of the engine compartment, also between the weather stripping in the trunk and the outer edge.
  14. :nonono: Damn man that sux....I was hoping to see pix of it all shined up lookin' purdy and everything. Then you posted this and I was :(

    Sux that you got screwed on it....hopefully it'll turn out a lot better this next time around:nice:
  15. The frustrating part is that you KNOW he can do awesome work by looking at his car..

    I glad I got to grab lunch with you guys and check it out though :nice:
  16. Thats how it's supposed to be or at least thats how I do work.

    I think he obviously didn't hold your friendship at a very high standard which blows, but now we know you got a life lesson out of this.

    Never mix business with friends and family.
  17. Hell yeah, it was nice to see your car up close! Sounds good too!

    I pulled all of the lights off and got everything to line up a lot better. Now at least it kinda looks like its supposed to! Found some loose bolts too. Still need to get the hood lined up better, but I think ill wait till there is a motor in it. Got the intercooler mounted up, the piping is a PIA!
  18. just get to wet sanding the runs out...
  19. uhh, that doesn't sound like fun.
  20. trust me it's not!