Help me figure out where this disconnected wire goes on my 2002 suburban(pics)

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by squares98, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. My check engine light turned on and I found this disconnected wire.
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    I couldnt find any open female plugs. If you own or work on these things could you please look on your full size 99+ GM truck to see where the wire plug and ground connect I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. did you get the codes scanned yet?

    is there anything that's not running right?
  3. Check the air cleaner assembly box. Pre-MAF sensor @ throttle body.
  4. well that plug goes into the engine hood light and the ground attaches to the hood(kinda obvious once I saw it).
    But as fas as the check engine, no codes scanned yet.
    The only symptom i feel is when coasting in drive or reverse(less than 5mph) the car feels a little jerky, like the feel of super warped brake rotors,(possibly fuel pump related?) I need to get codes scanned
  5. What work was done that made this unplugged wiring apparent?
  6. Well, we can rule out any cleaning. :rlaugh:

    Glad it was simple enough to find, squares. I had guessed air cleaner assembly box sensor since the CEL had come on with no indicated driveabilty issues. I had a Ford Explorer that had short length wiring to the ACAB that would pull out everytime I checked the air filter and throw the CEL - annoying.

    Nice to know Chevy/GMC still provide an underhood light. A small, yet functional item Ford neglected to add to the S197. :rolleyes:

    Jenn (damn networked computer).