Help Me!! Having Electrical Issues

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  1. ok so I have a 95 mustang with a built 5.0 and a c4 transmission. I bought the car two days ago and already having problems. the speedometer doesn't work, none of the gages light up (not even the aftermarket ones) the cigarette lighter and aux. port don't work and the tail lights don't work. brake lights work but tail lights don't. I have replaced all the fuses but one fuse under the hood (cigar lighter and illumination) blows as soon as I put a fuse in. could there be a short causing all these things not to work? there is a mess of wires everywhere and there are so many after market wires I don't know what goes to what
  2. "there are so many after market wires I don't know what goes to what"

    there's a good place to start trouble shooting.....

    what else is taking power from the cigar lighter circuit? that's a common and easy place to pick up accessory power for stuff like amps and equalizers, and light for accessory gauges. Start disconnecting all that crap and see what starts working. "mess of wires everywhere" does not suggest quality or attention to detail.
  3. I have undone everything inside, radio, gages under glow and it is still blowing the fuse. who ever had this car before me done a half ass job
  4. Haynes or Chilton automotive guides w/wiring diagram and trace the wires.
  5. Not much we can say really if the wiring is all hacked up. You'll just have to go through everything and manually troubleshoot each circuit. We can't really see how it's wired from here