help me identify another song....

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  1. Its a new song, its played at most of the dance clubs, its probly like a year or two old, its a fast song and people go nuts when they here it...

    heres the lyrics i remember

    "lets get the party in here"
    "lets get the party in here"

    "whoa whoa"

  2. You don't mean "Let's get this party started" by Korn do you?
  3. GBM, are you playing with the members? Do you in fact know the answer before putting up the question?


  4. haha, thats a good idea but no man i have heard the song the last 3 times i was at the club and i wanted to have it on my pc... its like shaggy or sean paul........ that type of club music........ id say it hits with the 19-21 year old crowd.......

    and no mongo its not korn i downloaded that allready

    keep guessing boys

  5. And, While You're At It.......

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    Older guys: Once you've gotten GBM's song figured out, work on these:

    (1) ".... it's time to get to rockin' and it's time to make it right. Whole town's shakin' from the bottom to the top..."

    (2) "Low-grade and burnin', blinded by thirst; theeyyy didn't see the stop sign, took a turn for the worse."

    I'll quit (for now :D ).

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    Still Dreamin'
  6. how bout this one...

    "Cadillac a-rollin' on the open road,
    but nothin' will outrun my V8 Ford.
    The cadillac doin' 'bout ninety-five,
    she's bumper to bumber rollin' side by side."

  7. Maay- b'line!
  8. Hey, I'm 18 and I know this one!
    It's the Eagles, Life In The Fast Lane
    I love that song.
  9. I had the lyrics a little wrong but my cousin figured it out...

    the song i was thinking is "lets get retarded" by blackeyed peas :banana:

    im sure we will play this game again.......