Help me identify this Turbo!

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by DougNuts, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. it looks like the same exact compressor housing as the T3 and I think my merk T3 has M11 too
  2. It is definatly a T3, but I don't kwow what the trim it. With T3's on fords, it is a .63 unless it says otherwise. :shrug:
  3. Do regular turbos have the dual vain compressor wheel? We're worried that it's TDI turbo.
  4. I just looked at the T3 I have sitting in my room ( :( ) and it has a dual vane like what you have posted. Also, look at the green tag you posted... it says T3.
  5. **** man, I'm not blind. :p I know it's a T-3 but I'm wondering if there are differences between the TDI turbos and the 1.8T turbos. TDIs boost like 22psi @ 3000RPM so we can't go any further with our project until find out the mapping for this turbo. It's hopefully going on an 8000RPM 1.8 liter so we need to make sure it will still be putting out some power at high RPMs. :shrug: Hell, maybe they use the same turbo but with different settings on the wastegates???

    If it won't be enough for his motor, I may buy it to try and pull off a N/A to Turbo miracle. Unless you think it's a bad idea bhuff ;) Seriously though, what did you have to change to run it on your car?
  6. the wastegate is mostlikley set around 9-10psi. if it boost higher it's usually becuase of a factory bleeder valve to raise boost.