Help me out guys ( to gt the notch or not to)

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  1. heys guys im getting a turbo coupe motor soon, but anyways i was looking at the notch today and i was thinking how nice it would look with gt ground effects on it cause then you wouldnt be able to see the gay little tail pipe (lol not use to seeing it, use to seeing the straight 5.0 ones ;)) If you guys have any pics of notches with gt ground effects can you post em and give me your opinions.

  2. Pic 182 (IIRC) of the 2003 gallery at is of a GT notch. It's the only one I've ever liked, every other car I've seen like it has looked crappy.

    edit: Heck, here it is.



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  3. Get the notch, IMO they look funny with the GT kit, keep it w/o the kit. Grab a set of used (for now because theyre cheap) 2 1/4 tailpipes. Sure one will be a dummy but it will look good.
  4. To me a big part that makes the notch something is the weight of the car.
    The blue car was done right and looks great. However, I've never liked Gt's of any kind.
  5. It has to be two tone or it looks ugly.
  6. why does it have to be GT?
    why not do something like a Saleen or Xenon kit?

    The weight of the car dosnt matter so much when you got 300hp. with a basic n/a then maybe so!
    you got the turbo now dont you?
  7. I have 300hp with my 2.3 and my 351w was pretty close. Weight is still very important to me. My 2.3T coupe only mildly stripped weighs 2700 with me in it.

    I do agree with you though about a different kit. My 86 coupe I switched to an complete 89 lx and then went with a saleen body kit and it looked good too.
  8. i think that gt looks great on a notch. I would like to see a saleen kit on one that would look pretty sweet. what about a cobra kit that would look good too maby with the stalion frount bumber.
  9. Don't put gt ground effects on the notch.. you already have a gt. Sell the turbocoupe motor and keep the 26mpg your getting now with the notch which is why in the first place you bought the 4 cyclinder notch.. so you didn't have to drive the gt everyday.

    BTW I really liked the notch saleen that was on ebay it was sharp but it's no longer listed or else i'd post the pic.

  10. you shut your mouth boosted pimp im putting in the turbo motor ill still get the same mpg :p

  11. as long as you keep of the gas you will! :lol:
  12. I get better milage with my turbo2.3 than i did with my n/ im gonna hafta call :bs: