Mach 1 help me out guys

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jomull55, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. looks too good to be true. try and get an Oasis and a carfax as well as check it out in person if possible, who knows it may be a swet deal after all.
  2. The pics make it look pretty sweet. I would'nt hesitate to go look at that and check it out. Could be a great deal.
  3. First its a beautiful car, but $19k is a 60k mile car price. Could be the deal of a lifetime though. They could of just had it on the lot for a while and he's just trying to move it. I bought my car in April of last year with 12.5k and gave $24k for it.
  4. I'm not sure what Autotrader is, a car lot or what? A private seller selling to a online car company? Whatever, I'd talk them down from $19K. I've seen 7,000 mile Mach's for $17K. If you paid $24K for your Mach, man you overpaid. But I can see the dealers side of making a profit.
  5. It says right below the picture OHIO VALLY FORD sounds like a dealership to me dealers use it to advertise the used cars they have on there lots most of the cars on there are from dealers. He could get that car for that price after some haggling but its strange its advertised for that is all I was trying to say. Also that price on my car was with tax title out the door and it was actually $23,485.00(there is also a $1500 extended warrenty in that price that I decided to buy just in case something went wrong with the car and by the way you can cancel it and get your money back which I did when I was sure the car was in good shape). Keep in mind too that the economy wasn't in the crapper and gas wasn't so high when I bought the car. Anything with a v8 or diesel is selling for 2/3 of what it should sell for. Bottom line I know over paid but I bought the car at a Carmax in Nashville because they go through the cars completely and make sure its never been wrecked even a fender bender, they make sure it has absolutely no machanical problems and no cosmetic blemishs. The reason why I even worried about that and paid that price is because the mustang is nationaly known as a mucsle car and some idot could have had the car and gave it the hardest 12k it could have possible seen. So for some extra cash I know for a fact I got a bone stock clean car that has nothing wrong with it.
  6. With all that added in, I'd say you did good then. Yeah, I'd say their's been a good drop of $3K on the Mach's in the past 3-4 months. Makes me want to buy another. :drool:
  7. O yeah a big drop. I have a local friend with an 03 less than 30k and he is asking $14.5 but it is an automatic:notnice:.
  8. Autotrader is just a website where anyone can post ads for their car. many dealerships use and and also regular joes. i have not gotten a chance to go look at this one yet but my 94 gt is on ebay so as soon as its gone probably next weekend ill be making a trip to check it out. hopefully its still there. but i want to go after this car because of the low miles and i absolutely loovveee the paint
  9. Best bang for the buck it is best Mastang I ever owned, I get 28mpg out of 305hp.:flag:
  10. ive been looking for a mach 1 for about 2 months just to see what prices are doing. 30,000 - 50,000 miles in my area in florida are going for $15,000 - $18,000. but those are dealer prices and those are always higher. a DSG mach 1 for $15,000 with 50,000 or less with a 5-speed would be sitting in my driveway. found a red one but the gray just touches me in that funny way...
  11. I picked up my 04 Mach with 19K miles in April, 08 for about $17.5 from the dealership. Absolutely mint condition with the mods listed in my sig already installed (except the Pro 5.0 shifter and my Torq Thrust rims from my 02 GT). Original owner is local Mustang nut...even more insane about Mustangs than myself (which is hard to do...!) It was well cared for.

    From the add mentioned above - I don't like the "upgraded rims" - that's BS - those are just some aftermarket bullitt knockoffs.
  12. I know it's not a mach, but. I got my '99 cobra last year for $15,600 with 8,300mi and the procharger on it when I bought it. I did the carfax etc. it validated the 8,300 mi. These cars are definately not bringing what there worth...
  13. gas prices are killing the value of these things. hopefully they drop further so i can pick one up.