Help Me Out...hotrod Cams

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  1. hey guys. long time lurker. getting ready to order my hotrod cams. im going to to do the install myself and have a few questions.

    1. i have a sct tuner (bama) i think. i had the car in the shop while i was out of town for work. they did the tune for me so unfortunatly i wasnt there to watch how they did it. my current mods are cai, exhaust, no cats, 4:10 gears. they said they loaded it with the k&n tune (whatever that means) when i istall these cams, how do i get the tuner uploaded with a tune for the cams? will i have to bring the car back to the shop so they can tune it?

    2. does any one want to rent me the timing chain postion holder? if not where can i purchase one? whats avg price on that tool?

    3. does anyone live near louisville ky that could help with the install around nov 23rd-the 29th as i have time off then. beer and food will be provided.

    thanks for the pre-help. hopefully someday i can return the favor
  2. You need more than the timing chain holder. You also need the valve spring compressor tool as I believe that 3 rocker arms on each bank have to be removed in order to do the cam swap. Freedom Racing makes the tools. They are available direct from them or on E-bay. These tools are a MUST to do the job properly and quickly. All you have to do is remove the battery, battery tray, air inlet and air box and the valve covers. And of course the cams and rockers ect.
  3. Why would I need a valve spring compressor. I'm not replacing the springs? These cams are made to work with factory valve train??
  4. You have to compress the valve springs in order to get the rocker arms off (3 on each bank I believe). When the cams come on and off, there are a couple of lobes of the cams that are holding the valves open. You do not want to unbolt the cam towers with the load of the valve spring on the lobes, you can warp the cam that way. So you must remove the roller followers from those lobes so that there is no load on the camshaft when removing and installing.
  5. interesting. ill have to check into that some more. i have done some research and no videos have said anything about it. thanks for advice
  6. I was all gung ho to do my own Mutha thumpers nsr on my GT 07 - but instead I found a seasoned Ford tech to help /rather do the work - he had all the tools - and I paid him $500 - probably the best $500 I ever spent (2) two years ago - I'm not discouraging you to try it - but unless you really really know what your doing - I'd leave it to a professional - you'll need a new tune / new cam bolts / maybe phazers ( not sure w/hot rods) .....I reasearched the poop of it for mine before - and with the investment you have (I have over $45k in mine ) why 'risk' it? - I just went up to a Ford service manager I know - asked him who does all of his major engine work - and bam it was done - he's (the tech) is even one of my friends now.....anyway best of luck......
  7. lucky_strike....Im a professional Ford tech getting ready to do them myself also. Im in the Columbus, OH area about 4 hours from you. Get ahold of me maybe knock them both out over a weekend. Guide you through yours and help if you get stuck.
  8. I installed cams 2 years ago and the only special tool I used was a torque bar, so to not over tighten anything. As for the wedge tool it is not necessary. I couldn't find one so I tried to make one and failed so I just used a thick water hose to wedge the timing chain in place. The only other thing you will need to buy are phaser cam bolts because you cant re use the old ones. their like $20 each so about $40 for both. So overview:
    basic tools
    water hose
    torque bar
    an extra set of hands

    *also tacobill wrote an excellent write up on how to do it. Cant remember what forum tacobill is on though.
  9. He's over on mustangforum; it's an excellent write-up.