35th Anniv Help me out....Im stuck...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 99tang35ed, May 8, 2011.

  1. alright guys and gals...We just got this car on a trade from our dodge truck. I have done some research but still can't figure out what exactly this car is...Its a 1999 tang...has the 35th edition on it...its white...with many black accents but not sure if they are aftermarket. I do have some pictures if i can figure out how to post them. Can anyone help me out with a price to sell it for? I have the VIN if that would help anyone. And i looked for that tag behind the drivers headlight...i have that info too...but it doesn't make any sense to me! lol
  2. You can send me the VIN#. I can tell you if its a true "Limited Edition" or not.

  3. The Vin # is as follows


    I read something about the plate behind the headlight...here is the info that is on that plate

    6685 Spoiler Man 0813828 95X

    looks like chinese too me!! HAHA

  4. I did not find your VIN among the 4,628 i have for the 1999 "Limited Edition" GT. Also the buck tag would say 35TH on it.

    Seems to be a standard GT.

  5. It has the 35th anniversary emblem on it but it is only a v6. thats why i was confused to say the least. thanks!!
  6. All 1999 Mustangs except Cobra have the badge. The "Limited Edition" GT was an option on GT only.