Help Me Out With A Price To Offer..

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  1. But I made him buy me Doritos Tacos....
    I bargain for tacos too...
  2. Just because you got a great deal doesn't change the relative price differences between the same goods/services/products throughout the country.
    But seriously, did you have a gun to that guy's head?
  3. Uh Nick's from Jersey. Need I say anymore? fuggedaboutit
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  4. He was asking 6 and talked himself down to 5 lol. I'm not going to argue lol
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  5. Decent foxes here go for a mint because its getting harder and harder to find foxes here that are basically unmolested and in decent shape. If its a car that spent its time near the ocean for a while its gonna be a complete rust bucket. I could probably sell mine as is for 3500 and id get that 3500 because it hasnt been totally molested haha.
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