Help Me Pick A Nice Car Under 4k

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  1. Hey my wife is gonna buy a car! She wants a sporty reliable car so she can keep up with me. The budget is $4000 max. Cant be mustang or civic. What should I get?
  2. civic aint gonna keep up with much, at least without a big fat fart pipe and aome stickers
  3. my DD will probably kill you on the street...

  4. she wants a sporty coupe or vert
  5. lead with that next time ;)
  6. I did say sporty as in sporty styling and quick
  7. c70 coupe ;) uploadfromtaptalk1388799048845.jpg
  8. Raggy too....

  9. Ooo pretty nice, anything smaller/more feminine?
  10. And I forgot to mention it as to be manual
  11. wouldn't have it any other way my friend

  12. uploadfromtaptalk1388799983919.jpg
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  13. A bit more masculine...
  14. And sporty...
  15. man, you want me to buy the fckr for ya too?
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  16. Lol its ok if you run out of ideas
  17. i'll overload your inboc, that's not an issue....:cool:
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  18. any 94-2002 V6 Mustang fits that criteria. I'd also look at a used Suburu
  19. Sti goes for 8-12 grand and she doesnt want to "copy me by buying a mustang" and she hates v6 mustangs. Im thinking miata maby?