Help Me Pick A Nice Car Under 4k

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  1. image.jpg Supercharged Miata with a 5.0. But not for 4 k I would venture...
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  2. 2003 G35 coupe....

    Unfortunately a ragged out one goes for 5-6k.
  3. Good idea that would be nice. Finally a good idea
  4. Its gonna be her starter car till we save for her dream car, a honda s2000
  5. Is she a new driver?
  6. I was also thinking a miata they are great all around cars and though they lack in power they tear up the corners.
  7. I wouldn't put a new driver in a Miata. While I personally think they're great little cars, I had a buddy who got hit head on in his Miata and he passed away on impact. Those cars offer little to no protection when it comes to wrecks.
  8. which as a new driver, she will see...
  9. Should prolly be able to get a SVT Focus for around 4K.

    Although not really sporty a 1998 Jeep GC 5.9L is a pretty nice SUV and has some balls for 4K.
  10. I second the Focus,

    My wife has a mini s and it rocks fast fun to drive easy to get around town.
    Downside better keep maint up or it'll cost ya....
  11. Nissan 240sx. I picked my 1995 up for $2,500 and it's been very reliable. They are extremely abundant and parts are everywhere for them.

    I would definitely suggest getting an S14 (1995+) as they come with more comfortable seats and suspension.

    Very sporty and they get great MPG.

    Nick C.
  12. Fast car with a New woman driver :scratch:
    Put her in a Big SUV and enjoy you coming home to her everyday :D
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  13. 2.3 Ranger auto.
  14. I'm getting the Grimlin vibe.

  15. Great cars, just a little tough to find that aren't all hacked up with big coffee can mufflers and other tasteless hack mods