help me pick a supercharger

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  1. I have a 2000 stang. what supercharger is the best? which one is the cheapest? what else would i have to do to my car if i got a s/c.
  2. KB...its a lil expensive but it comes with everything you need and great for the street...only comes "on" when u want it to...a.k.a u mash the pedal

    cheap alternative...mongoose kit at mph
  3. :stupid: KB is the best all around SC but a little pricey the one from mph is a good one its a centri but good SC none the less and its more affordable :D
  4. More info is needed first....

    ...what are your plans for the car?
    ...where are you wanting to feel the majority of said power? much are you looking to spend? much power are you looking to make?
    ...what other mods have you or do you plan on making to this car?

    For someone to just blurt out a particular blower to you without knowing any of these factors proves that some people still have a lot to learn before they post. :)
  5. I am one of those guys Gearbanger101 is trying to warn you about. I ask no questions, do not have a supercharger, never installed one, but that does not stop me from saying:

    Kenne Bell!!!
  6. Never doubted you for a minute ;)

  7. has there ever been a negative comment on a kenne bell supercharger?
  8. Nope , not yet.
    I'm with you guys on this one ...........KB :nice:
  9. Heat and limitations are always an issue.....although some of the KB faithfuls conveniently and constantly ignore this fact. :rolleyes:

    ....and lets not forget cost. KB's often run $1,500-$3,000 more than some other blowers on the market. :eek:
  10. Seriously though, it is best to listen to teh Gearbanger :hail2: He know of which he speaks. But damn, the Kenne Bell is cool :drool:
  11. I agree....Kenne Bells are very cool. As are twin screw blowers in general. I may come off as a KB hater at times, but that’s not the case. I like them as much as the next guy. :nice:

    ….but they're not for everyone, for every budget, or for every situation. No one blower is better than another and no one blower “does it all” so to speak. Different blowers excel at different levels and perform with different characteristics. Gotta go with what suits the application and budget best, that’s all. :)

  12. "You have to pay to play"
    "Horsepower isn't cheap" / "You get what you pay for" :spot:

    It isn't KB's fault because they build a real sweet complete quality package and charge more for it. Now if "Mac" bought out KB and started building their own "Mac" Twin Screw blowers...then it might be okay to gripe about the price. :rolleyes:
  13. So are you saying that because Paxton, Vortech, AED, ATI, FRPP and Powerdyne don't charge big bucks for their kits, that they're in no way "real sweet" or a "complete quality package"? :scratch:

  14. Well, actually, I agree. :jaw:
  15. The KB that I bought seemed to cost more.

    I'd say at the very best of the best that you listed....they're still not as sweet as the KB. Especially the Powerdyne. That could be why I see so many postings where people "wanted the KB, but..." they ended up picking one of the others that you mentioned.
  16. it's all where you want your power if you want it instantly (twin screw) or towrads mid and high rpms (centri)
  17. With the KB, you get a free intake. That has to be worth a little. :D
  18. i vote Twin screw , i need power instantly , although centi are real nice too
  19. since we are on the subject i have a real quick Q if get the KB will i be able to keep my GT STB or will i have to change it for the Cobra STB?
  20. Cheap supercharger? Where can I get one? I have an ATI 8# 3 core installed/tuned $6200+tx..+boost gauge+sub frames+suspension+tires.