help me pick a supercharger

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  1. The Supercharger is just half the cost. Injectors, spark plugs, tune, chip, clutch, flywheel, Maf calibration or new maf, fuel pump or boost a pump just to get your car running. :cheers:

  2. Was that one heck of an "install" charge? Isn't the ATI 8# 3 core kit pretty complete (with chip)...for about $4100? And being that you had it "tuned" shouldn't it have been less when you figure in the *chip delete* price?

    Good Read on a guys car from MPH... He's had experience with centi and twin screw.


  4. I paid $4900 for my Supercharger but a lot of the other parts that you mention aren't an "option" for my application. I did opt for the Cool air kit, 90mm meter, Big tube and 75mm TB though for about $900 extra.
  5. Get a Pro-Charger :nice:
  6. I was sitting around $5500 for the polished(polished is $650 more than the regular) KB + all accessories(90mm MAF, Big Tube/Cool air kit, etc). Oh and that includes the $100 set of Denso Iridium spark plugs. I had a pretty savvy friend do the instal for me for $200 :nice:

    Being able to play with modified 03/04 Cobras from a stoplight.. PRICELESS :lol:

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  7. Get a KB and get away from the ugly plastic intake manifold. And with a Twin Screw (or even a Roots blower) doesn't look like you're runnining some sort of funky dual AC system under the hood. :rolleyes:

  8. Man that looks super sweet.

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  9. :eek: :confused: :scratch:
  10. DSC01091.JPG

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  11. polished ATI P1SC w/intercooler +MAF,Cobra Fuel Pump,42#inj($4700) installation($1000) tune( $500) I went to "the shop to go to" and got a hack job that had to be re-tuned and a few other damaged parts replaced(went to Kauffmans for the retune). It cost more than the stated price.BE REAL SELECTIVE when choosing a performance shop. If you can handle their price & the job gets done correctly the 1st time,you got your monies worth.
  12. I had 3200 in my origanal set up/
    Vortech v1
    42lb inj
    aviator pump
    jms mail order chip
    steada boostpipe
    stock maf
    installed mysef
  13. GitDat Looks Great ! I haven't seen my car in 3 months !

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  14. :drool:

    how do you like the vortech? Im leaning toward a centri

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  15. KB's just look awesome. Even figuring in the price, performance potential and all the other reasons for even considering a centrifugal supercharger...I wouldn't even think about putting one in a pre-2005 4.6 Mustang. The messy stock style intake and upper intake are just an eyesore deluxe. That's why I chose the KB - the 2005 is a different story and on that pretty thing...I would put a centrifugal charger on it. JMO.

  16. wouldnt be doin for the looks
  17. I dunno....I think xseler8 and White Stang's set up looks every bit as sexy as the KB. Besides, looks are subjective. In the end, it's still a lot of dough to spend for a "pretty" looking blower, even if it does perform well.
  18. so either way it'll come down to personal choice both those SC's are nice