help me pick a supercharger

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  1. I'm doin' it because KB is one of the best, maybe even the best blower on the market for a street mustang that wants that "Big Block" low end torque and power. The KB design (that lets you throw the OEM plastic intake in the dumpster) is just a bonus. :hail2:
  2. You're not giving the OEM intake much credit. Yeah it may not be as pretty as the KB unit (not that you ever see their lower anyway), but it will still support over 600rwhp. Which is nearly 100-more than I've ever seen any 1.7L KB produce? :shrug: And now that they've got the aluminum cross over built in, they're as reliable as an OEM piece should be.
  3. How many people have made nasty postings about the "POS intake" (etc...) in the past? I wonder?

    That's the whole point, duh - add a world-class SC and clean up the OEM mess at the same time. It's a win-win. :drool:

    Never said it wouldn't.

    You're pretending that the 1.7 is the only KB blower that you can buy for the Mustang? Or are you pretending that other bigger KB blowers still use the OEM plastic intake when you install the blower? :shrug:

    Kenne Bell decided to shy away from using a plastic manifold. I like that. :nice:

  4. agreed, but its the best at what it does

    every blower is different for different applications

    i like the mid-high end pull, without the engine falling flat. Centri's are widely known for this mid-high end pull

    so trash the stock intake and buy a RR intake or P-51 with the centri. its only a grand or so more, and by then youll still be under the price of the KB

    and looks should really be the last concern unless youre entering your car in shows-- given, yeah you dotn want it to look like ****. In my opinion, centris look good even with the stocker intake.
  5. .....I know there's a point in there somewhere in reference to my statement of you not giving the OEM intake much credit.....but I'm sorry I've failed to find it? :scratch:
    You're under the impression that we all don't like the look of the stock intake? Plenty of "world class" S/C's on the market the do it just as well, for less than the KB and still retain the factory parts. You could always paint the stock lower intake silver if it made you feel any better. :rlaugh:
    I'm not pretending anything? :shrug: The blowers you were just drooling over were 1.7's, so that's the example I used. Sure, you can go with the 2.2L kit if you'd like, but for a guy wanting in the 350-500rwhp range, the 2.2L is a lot of overkill. Oh...and don't forget the $10,000.00 you're going to have into it before all is said and done. For that price you could run any of the popular centies, with an aftermarket aluminum manifold if that's all you care about seeing with a blower package and still come out thousands less in price.
    Before this gets any further, lets get one thing strait. Kenne Bell didn't decide to replace the plastic manifold because it was inferior. Kenne Bell had no choice but to design their own manifold because for one, their kit wouldn't work with the OEM and for another they needed to use the aluminum manifold because their big 40lb twin crew would obliterate any plastic manifold they designed with the constant strain, stress and torqueing of it being under load all of the time. It wasn't a quality issue that made them go with the aluminum unit, it was a durability issue because a positive displacement blower mounted on top of anything else would be a disaster waiting to happen. Trust me, if Kenne Bell could have gotten away with running a less prone to heat soak, smoother composite lower over a rough cast aluminum one, they would have! Name one company that builds a plastic lower for any positive displacement blower and I'll eat my hat!

    A Centrifugal supercharger doesn't place any stress at all on the lower intake manifold other than pressurization of the runners....and they've been shown to stand up just fine to that. So why would Centi designers add to the price of their kit by building another manifold, made of a heavier, more prone to heat soak aluminum casting when the stock unit flows more than enough air for all but the most serious of engines and saves them thousands and thousands in manufacturing fee's (not to mention the additional cost they would need to tack on to their product) at the same time? There are plenty of aftermarket manifolds out there to choose from that flow far more air than Kenne Bells piece, so if someone wanted to go that route, the option is always open. But the nicest part about that is, that’ it’s always an option. A centi owner isn’t forced to buy an unnecessary manifold that they don’t need, if they don’t want it….keeping the cost low and smile on their face!

  6. I vote vortec. I have had good results with mine so far.
  7. another suggestion in selecting a supercharger is find a quality performance shop (with a dyno)and see what they like to install and work with. You may need the shop for maintainance or service in the future.Every shop that I spoke to when I was looking for a S/C had something different to offer. One sold Magnum's the other liked Vortec and the 3rd(that I ended up using) favored intercooled Prochargers. I wanted the KB but ended up with the ATI.(& I like it) I say selective about your installer/tuner. You live or die here.You will enjoy any S/C. Also get a boost gauge & use a shift light to protect your engine.I shift as soon as the red light takes my picture..5500rpm
  8. I vote Vortech YSi trim. Good for up to 30PSI and 1200HP :nice: . It will lay waste to a Kenne Bell. With gears you won't notice much difference down low compared to KB. Just my .02.
  9. coolblueperformance sells a S Trim tuner kit for $2500. I believe their Novi 2000 tuner kit is $3000, thats the best Centi blower deals I have found. The 2.2 KB is a great option for a street GT but you can do a twin turbo setup for nearly as much money.
  10. i am happy with my t-trim, the KB 2.2 is awesome, but it was way out of my price range. it all depends on what your goals and what best suits an individual. KB is not the best for everything blower.
  11. Have you had yours on the dyno yet? If so what kind of numbers are you putting down? Just curious. I like centri's over twin screws.
  12. Because a whole lot of people don't like the "POS"?

    No, not at all. Just the ones that make postings about how much they hate it.

    There it is...your main gripe about KB seems to always be the price. :rlaugh:

    Why? The ugly thing would just be even more visible.

    You mean you don't even know if you are?

    [Evasion Noted] You tried to compare a less boost lower HP KB to a higher boost higher HP centri...

    So I could get into the "600rwhp" that you decided to bring up? :shrug:

    [Evasion Noted] ...then why did you start talking about "600rwhp"?

    If I wanted it, I wouldn't let the price destroy it seems to do to you.

    What? Because you found a new way to spell "straight"? Hope you're not making mistakes just because you're getting too upset.

    Thanks for weeping and going into so much detail about why so many companies don't use plastic. I'm proud of each and every one of them. :hail2:

    Like I said, I wouldn't put a "centri" on a pre-2005 motor...that's why I picked Kenne Bell. :nice: you even OWN a SC...of any kind? :rlaugh:
  13. After driving my low horsepower N/A car for 35,000 miles I don't think I'll being worrying about too many flat spots from my 9psi (actually 10psi) IC KB...

    I did. Made my week. :nice:

    Here's the deal...I don't want to come in under the KB price. Funny how so many car manufacturers shy away from installing the cheaper centrifugal superchargers on their cars. Perhaps they want to steer clear from the cluttered after-market after-thought look? :shrug:

    I can almost go for the "looks don't matter" plan, but then again, probably the same people that say stuff like that are probably the same people that added pretty wheels to their mustang...and a whole lot of other zero-horsepower parts.
  14. Why do you feel the need to quote every single sentence a person writes down, then dance around the subject while trying to make it look as though you've made a point and to then finally pick on someone’s spelling when you're point has been beaten? Maybe you should go back and take a look at a few of your own spelling and grammatical errors before criticizing others? If you can't come up with an original though, that's alright, but there's no need to get desperate. Better be nice, or I'll sick tomustang on you!

    That being said, the more and more I read the double talk, member bashing and pointless replies that spews from your finger tips, the more and more it makes me wonder if....

    BuffaloZone[​IMG] = EddieHasskell[​IMG] ......? :scratch:
  15. Why do all threads topics involving blowers always end up becoming pissing matches? My advice for any newcomer who wants info or opinion on superchargers is to ask elsewhere.
  16. Not enough open minds on this board, that's the problem. :( The usual consensus is, if it isn't what they, or their pals are running, it must be crap! The funny thing is, is that I’m not running a Twin Screw, or any type of Centrifugal but I’d have no problem recommending either type, if the situation best suits it. :)
  17. Geez, arguing every single sentence someone posts on the internet ?? Dont you have anything better to do?? You people need to get a life, go out and drive or do sumthin...
  18. BuffaloZone you are this guy :rlaugh:
  19. For that price, I wouldnt compromise anything.

    Again, youre paying over 5500 for looks.
    That sucks.