help me pick a supercharger

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  1. This thread even with the pissing contest was still a good read, personnaly from what I've heard I'd go with the centri blower just because I better like a car that pulls in the top-end. That mongoose kit is very, very tempting, would you guys recommend putting that kit on a car that has 50k miles on it ? Also how much is it to build the engine to take the power ?
  2. Having a good, safe tune is a big part of keeping the stock bottom end together. Even with the best tune though 400 rwhp is about the limit before things start to break. My buddies Procharged Bullit made 398 to the wheels and ran strong for over a year until he broke a piston on the strip. If you gonna buy a short block expect to pay $3-4K depending on how much power you want to make.
  3. man.. you guys get too pissed off.. just like little kids sometimes.. that's why i take all of these questions to MODULAR POWERHOUSE.. not stangnet

    Stangnet - Home to opinionated *******s who will argue until they can't type anymore if somebody doesn't agree with their opinion! :D glad to be a member haha
  4. "I better like a car that pulls in the top-end"

    Yeah it feels like it pulls on the top end, because it doesn't pull anywhere else other than in the top-end...compared to a N/A stock GT...
    Once you realize the KB pulls everywhere including top-end...and always more than the centri (a 9psi centri average 360~390rwhp compared to over 400rwhp for 9psi KB).
    So you may not feel that top-end rush, because it's the rush all the time, and more pull than a centri will ever give you at any rpm.
    You can always argue, all it takes is to drive both to be convinced.

    Again we compare apples to apples, a 9psi blower on stock block, nothing else.
  5. I mostly disagree with you.....but then of course, would you expect anything less. :)

  6. I agree with your disagreement which could get ugly (as if this thread wasnt a bloodbath already)

    Get the s/c that best suits your needs and dont buy one JUST because the whole forum has it or because it looks pretty.

    hows that for a bottom line
  7. I post this as a comment of my own and also a question for those who knows ...

    For my parts, if I were to build a mighty strip machine, I would go to centri or turbo :drool: because you're always on the mid to high range so you get the boost you need plus you save some gas going to the track cause you stay out of the boost.

    On the other hand, if playing with import on stop light is your only concern(which looks like an 1/8th mile) then go on the KB or twin screw.

    As G.I. Joe from modularpowerhouse said, he think spraying after the 1/8th on KB could be good to keep the power comin'.

    What could lend spraying in the first 1/8th with a centrifgal :cool:

    I might get a centrifugal at some point.
  8. Just to correct you on one point that you might not be aware of. You're not into a boosted state with either the KB or a Centrifugal, until you want to be. You can bring your car all the way up to top speed without getting out of vacuum, if you're easy on the gas. Unlike the old BD Eaton blowers of the ‘80’s, Pretty much all positive displacement blowers now a days have a built in bypass system, which allows un needed boost to be recirculate back into the intake track when you're not on it. What I'm basically saying, is that aside from the 1/4-1/3 of a horsepower it takes to spin the blower pulley during normal driving, you would get the same gas mileage you would if you were stock. :)
  9. KB kicks ass in the 1/4 mile as well. I don't see where ppl get the impression that KB has no top end power. Most of these ppl who say that usually has never driven a twin screw or roots car anyways. Tq curve is so flat, you get the impression the car isn't pulling as hard on upper rpms, even though it still is..

    In the end, it's the overall setup (tranny, suspension, tires, etc.) that determines if your car can be a strong 1/4 runner. Not just the blower itself.

    my 2 cents.
  10. And most of the people who say KB is far superior in every way to a centri havent driven a centri.
    The top end pull of a centri is incredible
  11. Apples to tomatoes
  12. I'm just quoting Joe from Modular Power House and his 650 rwhp KB 2.2 stang. He says that after the 1/8, it's like releasing the pedal with little acceleration. But your right about the setup, even the badest centrifugal won't make any good on street tires. That's why we often see good N/A car kicks supercharged ass.
  13. I agree. That's why I'll reserve my judegment on centris until I've actually driven one. I'm just offering my take on what I drive. It is more than a stoplight to stoplight racer.
  14. You still haven't figured it out:rlaugh: What is this post other than a half baked :bs: rant. Just so you know KB is not better than all other blowers and all other blowers are not better than KB. Set up is everything and the onlything that matters is who crosses the finish line first. Good luck:nice:
  15. which exact model of kenne bell is the best possible? On a mustang of course
  16. For the general 4.6L enthusiast, the 1.7L will be more than enough blower. With supporting mods and some half-gas they'll make in the 500rwhp neighbourhood. For those who absolutely must have the best KB has to offer and have the dough to match their desire, the 2.2L is the way to go and will support just over 700rwhp.
  17. PKB...

    Was it something I said? :)
    Well, at least you answered 1 of my questions. If you ever did get a SC, which one would you prefer? :D
  18. My thoughts exactly and that's why I didn't compromise - I went with my 1st choice. My 2nd choice was the IC Procharger, but I really wanted the KB and the "centri" really didn't suit my driving habits and my wanting the HP and torque to come in at lower RPMs.

    If you really think that KBs are just for "looks" ...why don't you dare a 10psi KB to race you and when you lose by 15 car lengths, see if you change your opinion. :nice:

  19. Someone told me to get the 9psi KB when I was ready to order a 6psi kit. They gave me great advice because after only 300 miles on my KB I'm ready for more boost and a stronger bottom end, but I'm going to put a halt to my mods for quite a while since I really think I've done just about everything that I'll ever need.