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  1. Get an "aftermarket" warranty if you are buying online and feel you need one. In my first post in this thread there is a link to a place called Mac. They offer a warranty if you really want one.

    That warranty will be just like one you buy at a store, only cheaper. Unless a physical store location has a special/deal its going to ge hard to beat price wise. I think you have like 30 days from purchase to buy.
  2. ACTUALLY, on the BuyDig website, there is a 3-yr warranty listed when you buy the tv, and it IS from MAC.. It's listed under "OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES" when you view the TV.

  3. Slightly off topic, but it seems like many of you know what you are talking about with LCD tv's so I'll ask here...Any suggestions on a reasonably priced 19"-22" LCD?
  4. For one that small Im assuming that it is not the "MAIN" theater room tv of the house, so I would just go with the least expensive one that has a good picture when you view it. Go to a Best buy store, C.City, or Walmart and just look at them. If quality is REALLY important then stick with the brands listed above.


  5. Samsung has a few 720P 19-22" LCD's in the $400-500 range. They are a decent brand and I was debating one for my bedroom setup.
  6. Yea my dad just got my mom a 22" Samsung for their bedroom and the picture is amazing, but I don't have that much to spend. I'm not spending much more than $300, so I was looking at a Magnavox from Target that had great picture, a Philips from amazon for just under $300, and a refurb Samsung for $330. These were all 19". I just need a TV for my room at school and I don't want a big as tube TV. It's an old house that was just remodeled and painted so every room has a fireplace with a mantle and wanted to put the TV on the mantle. Also, the fireplaces are all concreted in so there are no issues with heat. Some idiot on another forum was calling me retarted and all sorts of names because I was putting a TV on a fireplace. I'm not that stupid, lets be honest here.
  7. Lots of people put a TV above the fireplace. Some people put fish tanks in walls how is a TV stupid????

    With the fireplace you do need to be aware of the amount of heat put off when a fire is going. Heat can damage the TV if the fireplace is not insulated correctly it can shorten the lifespan of the TV.

    I hope to replace the bedroom tv with a 22 or so flat panel. A 19-20 flat panel is fairly small image...perfect for bedrooms/kitchens/garage but I would not have one as the main TV. IMHO a 27+ would be about the smallest I would go in a living room/family room type deal. That and some of the TV's at the 20/22in level cost as much as the 32in TV's.

    Another thing I found out researching TV's is that at the 20in range or smaller level HD broadcasting is very hard to make out as the screen is just so small the image is can not be made out to that detail.

    If your going to have roomates I would get a TV for your room...I have known a LOT of people who had stuff trashed by parties/roomates friends busting things.
  8. Yea we have a 32" flat screen tube tv in the living room, and my roommate who is a game design major is buying a 32" lcd for the living room instead cause he needs it to play games. The tv I'm trying to get some input on is for my bedroom so I can watch sports and the speed channel while I do my work and to watch movies with the gf. I think I'm going to be getting the 19" Magnavox from Target for a few reasons. The main reason is I dont want to ship anything expensive to my house because its not in the best area and I dont want it to get stolen off my doorstep. Another reason is my roommate works at Target and gets a 10% discount which would make the tv $270 bucks, and I can just go to the store and pick it up.

    For reference, heres the room. My bed is facing the mantle, so picture the foot of the bed being about 2 feet from the base of the mantle.

    View attachment 305513

    Dont mind my goofy roommate hahaha.
  9. seriously.....dont waste your money on the aftermarket extended warranty. just like the aftermarket extended warranty for cars, they are worthless if something actually goes wrong with the set.
  10. I would not put an aftermarket tv warranty in the same mix as an aftermarket auto warranty at all.

    I know people in my family and friends who have had to use the aftermarket warranties and no questions asked...just got a new TV or they were fixed if it was a fixable item. Now there are probably some tv warranty companies that suck so I would at least do some research. Reading my first post I quoted a very good tid-bit about warranties for tv's...IMHO it is more of if you just feel you need one for your own needs. I agree they are not as worthwhile as they simply are not used that much. The flip side is at least an aftermarket warranty from a good company like MAC will save you money if your going to buy an "in store" warranty anyway. Something like 90% of all failures happen in the first 90 days.

    Auto warranty places are some shady @aasssss places. I know a girl whose dad is a co-owner of one of those places. Just some super shady stuff. I think its a shame my state is one of the few that allow them to even do business. To say they are aggressive is an understatement with so much fine print and loop holes it is boarderline illegal.
  11. Not only do I agree with this statement, but I dont think that what is offered by Best Buy, Buydig or any other place is really considered "aftermarket". They are what I consider the "extended" warranty by the car company. After market is usually completely independent of the place that sold you the item. The warranty you buy WITH the TV is just a time extension of what the company already gives you. There is no EXTRA payment, deductibles, etc with that one, ALSO, the one through buydig is an ON SITE warranty...they come to your house to fix or replace.

  12. Some food for thought, when my 50" 720p panasonic had 1 lit pixel, 6 months later I went back to the store and they no longer had that model. This year HDTV's dropped alot in price so I was able to upgrade to the 50" 1080p Panasonic for like $90 more....and it has the monitor port and one more HDMI port. All I can say is for $900, I love my 50" 1080p plasma!

    And to the poster that said dont waste time with 720p because everyone is broadcasting in 1080i, you are wrong. 720p can support 720i, 1080i and 720p. 1080i can only do 720i and 1080i. 1080p can do all the above.
  13. Well, I went to Best Buy and C.C. the other day. The model I want, A650 (in different sizes) was EASILY identifiable among all the other TV's because of the quality. This set (46") was almost $4k last year when I looked. It's now $2199 at BB, $1999 at CC and $1690 and BuyDig. My issue right now is I want to pay OUTRIGHT for the set but I need the supporting stand and entertainment center to put it in in the family room. That's another $1-2k depending on what I get, and I still have to go find one that fits the TV AND the room it will be going in.

  14. How can 720p support 1080i? 720p can only show 720 lines of resolution. It can never, by definition, show 1080 lines of resolution. It is physically impossible. When you change the channel onto an HD channel and it shows "1080i" on the corner of your 720P TV, all it means is that your TV can tell the signal coming in is 1080i. It will still down convert to 720P.

    Videophiles will argue this: in static or slow moving scenes, the 1080i is no doubt superior due to its increase in vertical resolution. In fast moving scenes, like sports, the 720p is better because it can display change faster. This is the short version difference between the "i" and the "p" without turning this post into a novel.

  15. All that "I" wanna know is IS 1080P the best right now? That's what I want!!

  16. That is indeed the best.

    May I recommend a Blue-Ray player, and what you get one, make sure to get Gladiator and 300 in 1080P and enjoy them as they were meant to be.

  17. Hey RC...the delivery company for dropped off my TV today and it came in perfect shape. Traveled all the way from Edison, NJ and not a single dent on the box.

    I went with the 46" Samsung 650. It's a beautiful TV. I'd highly recommend it as well as buydig.
  18. :banana::banana:

    I was waiting for you to tell me you got it.

    How much did you get it for?

    I wont be ready to get mine until after Christmas, and by then, the newer model may be out, but as long as buydig is good and I can save a few hundred $$ I will go with them. Problem is I also need the supporting furniture for it since my current wall unit wont fit it.

  19. $1689 to my sales tax and no shipping.