Help Me Pick an LCD TV

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  1. actually good to hear people on here search around as much on tv's as they do their cars most people don't.
    I deal with people all day that just buy a vizio cause it cheap and bigger that what they have at home.
    I'm picky when it come to what goes in my livingroom as well as it sounds much of you are.
    Glad you got what you wanted RC.
  2. It's not so much "picky" althought that's a part of it. Mainly just that it's a once per decade purchase and I wanted to do it right. I was going to settle for the
    46", but waiting to save the money allowed the price of the 52's to come down to what the 46's use to be. I am SO GLAD I waited and got the 52. IT is JUST RIGHT for my room size. I could have put a 58", but the joy from moving from a 52 wouldnt be worth the money as it was going from the 46 to the 52.

    Where is it you work again?
  3. I've had a Sony Bravia for over 2 years and absolutely still love it. I will buying another Sony for sure.
  4. Hey Joe!!
    I got the Samsung because or the 120hz feature. I narrowed it down to that and the Sony, but went with the Samsung.

  5. I am a tightwad and I got a lot of good advise prior. The pioneer was a bit out of the price range we were looking for. The choice came down to the Samsung and Panny for us. No one had the panny in stock withing a decent driving distance and we had to hit 3 stores to find the Samsung in stock and a non-floor model. The situation did not allow for online shopping.

    I researched to the point I straight up told the sales guy to get bent after he told me the Samsung did not have the pixel shift/anti burn in and burn in removing software...when he knew he already scared the in-laws out of a plasma (what we were getting, in-laws hauled it to our house) I broke down the model #'s and features. He messed around and said yes see none of these features...I then gave him step by step directions and found it and said yeah like I said it does have the feature...for some reason he did not talk to me anylonger :shrug:. 110% happy with the Samsung.
  6. I just set up a Samsung 61" A750 LED DLP, 1080P, 120 Hz, and in my opinion the picture is better then my 42" Sharp Aquos. The Aquos has been relegated to hanging on the kitchen wall as soon as I get my butt to the store to buy a mount and run cables through the floor.

    I bought one of those calibration dvds and it didn't work for spit. Most of my settings are between 40 and 60, except contrast which is at 95, and it looks just fine to me. See attached for pictures of my living room.

    This is the house I just bought in January.

  7. Which calibration DVD?

    I will say that with my Samsung I had to go into the TV’s service menu and disable a auto-correct color setting (I can’t remember the exact name). Otherwise, it was impossible to adjust the color on the set per the calibration DVD with the supplied colored film (when you adjust one color, the others auto-adjust so they have the same relationship with each-other). The sharpness function doesn’t do jack on LCD or DLP TV’s, so that’s a worthless function. I will say though that adjusting the black level and brightness always seems to be tricky on anything but a CRT TV. I’ll play with it for ½ hour trying to get everything just right….and then go back and re-adjust it just for S&G’s. Half the time I can’t see it doing anything…and the other half my eyes are burnt from staring at the damn black and white test patterns! Such is life though, right. If I could afford to pay a pro to come out and set it up the way it was intended...I would! I have heard it makes a WORLD of difference...especially on some of the lower end set’s (making them look as good, if not better than some of the higher end sets).
  8. It was a Blu-Ray by Digital Video Essentials. The DVD did not cover nearly the capabilities of my TV. The A750 had so many more options then the calibration DVD accounted for I was blown away.

    Out of the box the thing looks great to me. I did very thoroughly go through the black and white pluges. I didn't have to do much adjusting, if I got by the DVE Blu-Ray for a standard.

    I sort of agree that one should set it up the way you want it. I didn't like the "game," "movie," etc etc enhancement modes so much, and opted to stick with editing the "standard" palate for all of the inputs I am using. Which in my case is 1 for the FiOS cable, 1 for the Playstation 3, and 1 for the S-Video from my laptop for Torrent movies.