Help me price a 5 lug conversion

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  1. I've been reading about 5 lug conversion now for a couple of weeks. My goal is to convert my car this summer. I want to do a 5 lug conversion, rear disc brakes, and 17in bullitt wheels. But I have some questions for those of you that have done this:

    1. Where did you get your parts (Junk yard or kit or......)?
    2. How much did you spend on the total conversion?
    3. Who installed it for you?
    4. If you did the install, how long did it take? Please rate the difficulty.

  2. I have an sn 95 and it already came with them...but if you are interested I have my Stock 5 lug axles and Limited slip (which needs a rebuild) just sitting in my garage waiting for someone to buy them. I went with moser 33 splines and a spool. They have about 100,000 miles on them, but they are still in great condition
  3. I'd say 98% of my parts are either used or junkyard parts. My front setup (spindles/rotor/calipers) were from ebay, got my a-arms from a friend, stock new booster (from a friend), 99 MC junkyard, bought new the russell SS lines, the rear axles were from the junkyard, new rotors, calipers junkyard, rear SS lines new, and rims/tires used. I'd say all in all I spent under a grand with the tires. Of course it took me about 5 months to piece everything together. A friend and I put it all in a weekend. It's not hard, especially if you have electric impact guns like we did :D
  4. How much did you pay for the rims/tires b/c that gives me a better number when figuring out how much you spent on the conversion. I can tell that I'll be needing to visit the local junkyards......Thanks.
  5. You don't want to know how much I spent ... it can be done for much cheaper. However, the install wasn't bad. The main items are: replace MC, gut the stock PV, replace the front spindles (I also did the balljoints while there), replace the rear axles (very easy), and do the park brake modification. The biggest b*tch for me was bleeding the system and getting it dialed in. I finally ended up using a pressure bleeder and that helped a bunch but there was still air trapped in the calipers. I periodically would tap them with a block of wood and a hammer to help untrap the air. Also, I had to turn the acorn nut on the booster rod about 1 full turn to get the brakes where they should be. Don't forget to bench bleed the MC. Good luck.
  6. I spent 4 bills on the 4 rims and rear two tires. The front two, that's what I love about SoCal. Went to this mexican joint where they sell used tires, walked around in the back looking through all the tires and found these two Michelin Pilots. One brand new, the other, almost brand new. $30 bucks a piece, not bad for a tire that sells for over 2 bills new. I only spend about 500 hundred on my brake set up, the other half was my rims/tires, plus, I have 13" rotors all around.
  7. CHeck this guys site out


    I'll be doing this eventually too!
  8. Your CT should be "The man with four 13 inchers"
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  10. What is the "park brake modification".Just the cables or did you do something else?
  11. I've got a set of loaded 96+ spindles with calipers/rotors....needs hoses and rotors turned. But its cheap,lol.
  12. As far as the front goes, just buy a new set of Lincoln Mark VII rotors, and be done with it. They fit on your existing spindles and still work with the calipers and everything.

    Keeps you from doing the extra work of the SN95 front conversion.

  13. Why go with the SN95 conversion if these rotors make it this easy? I need to just sit down tomorrow and read these articles again with a pen a paper and just list everything needed for the conversion.

    I don't care if its SN95 as much as I just want bullitt rims (well, maybe bigger brakes).
  14. Trust me, you'll want some big brakes behind those wheels. I also have much confidence in driving this car. It stops. Stock brakes suck really bad. There's so many times where the stock brakes almost got me into an accident.

  15. Yeah, how about today? A guy crosses over the highway (driving a Uhaul) right in front of me. I hit the brakes and lock the tires but I can't stop fast enough. I end up letting off the brake and swerving around the back side of the Uhaul.

    End result: alot of smoke and an angry mustang driver. No harm done.

    I'm reading through the link given above. Good stuff....he explains everything he did. I'll see the difference in my stock brakes and a SN95 conversion brake size.
  16. there are some 5 lug factorey wheels that will fit with mark 7 front conversion but youll never get the centers onbecouse of the concave in the wheel and the dust cover for the bearings. cobra rs will work completely but the bullits and the factory 96 model 17 inch wheels wont.
  17. man i hate trying to spell after ive been up all day.
  18. bad news for me.

    I'll have to go SN95.
  19. Is it possible to just buy brand new axles, spindles ect..... and install them on the fox?

    I would think that I could just order the parts for a '94 and up and just put them on my car. I haven't even attempted to look at prices or read about it. I'm just thinking out loud.
  20. If you want to run 9" wide rims do not order 94 and up axles. They are 3/4" longer than foxbody axles. You'll have to order foxbody length 5-lug axles.