Help Me Price This 2011 V6?

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  1. I found a car I really like - pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Its a triple blaze yellow, base 2011 coupe with the 6 speed manual, the appearance package, performance package, and a spoiler. It has 64k miles, but is in dead mint condition. I mean perfect all around.

    The car is at a big franchise dodge dealership.

    When I run it through KBB, I come up with the following:

    Trade in: 10.4k. (Excellent Cond)
    Private Party: 12.2k (Excellent Cond)
    Dealer Retail: 13.8k (Excellent Cond)

    The price on the website is $14,500

    Drove the car. Offered them 11.4k for it and said I know you didn't pay more than 10.5 for it, so Im paying you 900$ for a great detail job, paying with blank check from credit union.

    Sales guy gets up comes back, says the 14.5k price is if you finance with them, otherwise its 15.5k LLOOLL I love car dealers. Sits down with some cooked up blue book showing "Wholesale" close to 15k. I reitterate my 11.4k offer, he lets me sit for a while, comes back says thanks for my time and they are at their bottom line prices, (Double LOL!). I shake his hand and leave.

    SO first question is I thought the performance package includes 19' rims, right? Because "Premium Wheels 19+ " is an option on KBB that when added, ups all the prices by $600.

    I can't find a base mustang 6sp that has sold on ebay for over 11k or so. I don't have any other comps to go on. I am cheap and refuse to pay a dealer a single cent more than a car is "worth".

    So, whats my next move? I figured 11.4k puts me out the door at around 12.5k after TTL/DD. I was thinking of calling up the fleet guy next - what should my next offer be?
  2. One of two things will happen. They will call you and take your offer, or screw some dumb kid into buying it.

    I recommend that you continue your search.
  3. tell em to pound sand and move on
  4. I agree with Noobz347 and madspeed. Look somewhere else. You may end up in the private sector.

    This reminds me of when I was purchasing my first Mustang. Dealer didn't want to move $1000 so I left. Found my car which was a year newer, 20k miles less and for less money. It was being sold from a private party. Had to drive to MA to get it though. Was well worth my time.
  5. way too many miles for me on a 2 year old car. It looks mint because the dealer paid their guy to spend 3 hours on it making it look that way. I turned wrenches at a dealer back in the day and I can tell you stories that would make your nose hair curl about how they "fixed up" cars and then stuck them on the lot to rubes.

    Bottom line is they made thousands of those cars. Keep looking for one that has lower miles and at your price. It's the end of the year and dealers need to sell cars more than you need to buy one.