Help Me With Choosing A Car With Salvage Title

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  1. I'm going to buy a salvage classic mustang, does anyone here has such experience? I'm still in two minds, do you think I will save a lot of money by buying one, or will the cost of repairs and other expenses make it too expensive? Some of the cars look like they dont require many repairs.. Here are some cars I'm considering to choose from, would you buy any? dents/scratche/ end/
  2. my advice would be to check the cars over very carefully before buying one with a salvage title. sometimes they just need a little work to get them back on the road due to a minor accident where the insurance company totaled the car. other times they need far more work than they may be worth. a close inspection, especially by someone who knows what to look for, is required.

    my recommendation is this, if you are going to buy a car, any car, with a salvage title, buy it with the assumption that you are going to tear it down to the bare bones, and rebuild EVERYTHING from the ground up. that way you wont have any surprises that tend to be expensive pop up on you.
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  3. reread what i wrote, i said go in in with the assumption that you are going to have to rebuild from the ground up to avoid any nasty surprises.

    if you buy the car in question with this in mind, then when you do start rebuilding the damage, and find hidden damage, then you are not unpleasantly surprised. if on the other hand you go in figuring that you will just replace that door that was hit, but you find that the rocker panels were heavily damaged and you didnt notice that expensive work that needs to be done, then you are not ready, and your attitude on the project has soured.

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  5. Can I ask why you are buying a salvage car?? Cant find anything in your area??