Help! Need Basic Information on Mods!

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Maxima02, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. Hey, my friend has a 1999 Mustang V6 he currently bought. I know the basic bolt ons are i/h/e but which brands do you guys prefer? The search didn't work so I started a new thread.

    He doesn't want dual exaust but how is flowmaster 50 series? He doesn't want the 40s because it's very loud and would like to muffle it as much as he can but still wants a nice sound. Is it worth the extra money to get the whole exhaust system for this car or just the muffler??

    Which brand of intakes do you consider top of the line? or any brands you may know

    Also, headers will be the last bolt on he will do but I would also like to know which company is the best or anything.

    Thanks a lot! I told him to do performance first and then he will be doing exterior.:flag:
  2. MAC all the way.

  3. wow what a quick reply! thanks!

    is MAC an exhaust company or...?

    is it too loud because he really doesn't want that (lots of cops here and no need to grab attention)

    Also, any other opinions?

    I know AEM is mostly an import brand for intakes but would you guys recommend it on a mustang? or is there any others..?

    Thanks once again
  4. Mac makes headers

    I didnt get flowmaster, for the same reason TOOO much noise... my car is bright enough as it is
  5. Headers aren't necessary until he gets way past CAI and exhaust. Get an underdrive pulley from ASP. They run like $130 and a $20 accessory belt. MAC makes a nice chrome CAI, and Densecharger makes a pvc one that doesn't look pretty, but does the job.
  6. Here is a good site for the ASP underdirve pulley(make sure its the 99-00 version) and the belt, as well as the MAC CAI.

    Here is the Densecharger.
  7. just an update I guess: he got the bac intake and instead of the flowmaster muffler, he got a catback exhaust. I recommended the magnaflow duals with magnapack because it was on sale and he wanted duals from the start

    thanks for your help!