Help needed. Chevy Blazer 4L60E

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by 4nEatr, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Have a 2001 Blazer that has no 2nd or 4th (OD), been told that the Sunshell is a major weaklink and cause the tranmission to do that, also been told the 1-2 Solenoid causes it as well... I ordered a rebuild kit and a HD Sunshell from Monster Transmissions before I was told about the solenoid. I heard a pop when it first started happening, thinking it was the splines on the Sunshell stripping out. drove around for a couple days and if i was easy on it, it'd go into first and OD for a bit, then kick out again... So would it be the Solenoid and i'm actually in SECOND and THIRD or the Sunshell and being in FIRST and THIRD? It shifts hard when I manually shift from 2-3 and if i put it in OD all i get is 3rd.. any help would be greatly appreciated..
    thank you