Help No Power To Fuse Box

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  1. So I had the front of the engine apart on my 95 gt. I deleted the ac smog and power stearing I added a new stall converter and fairbanks shift kit. I also added a set off long tube headers. Everything was back together used test light to make sure I was getting power to starter ground is good. I turned key to on possition and nothing happened then I hit the lights on no power checked fuse box no power going to it. I could not find which plug I didnt reconnect. Some help please. I'm sure its right in front of my face.
  2. Trace the harness from the fuse box out and see if a connector was missed.
  3. I assume you mean the under dash fuse box isn't getting power, correct? Check to ensure all the fuses in the power distribution box (engine bay) are seated. If they are okay, as mentioned you probably have a connector between the two fuse boxes that hasn't been connected.
  4. I got so caught up in pluging all the connectors together that I overlooked power to the distribution box. POWER! Car still wouldnt start. After further investigation realized I need to adjust shifter. Then the starter just spun. Tested one I found in the trunk and it was good. Still would not start. I payed 650 for this car not running broke down on the road. I put a gallon of gas in it. IT jumped to life. First test drive will be tomorrow. Lucked out and made a great investment. Thanks for the advise.
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  5. Well let us know how the final test drive goes
  6. 650 is a steal!
  7. Thats what I was saying specially for a running sn95 even if it needed some tlc these things aren't to bad to work on either
  8. Ok so it was starting I havent had it running but 3 times less than a minute each time . tightened trany coolant lines put in drive shaft cleaned up area was gonna put wheels on and make sure it would slide into gear before I took it off blocks. I turneed it over and tick tick tick. dome light goes out and it sounds like it is straing for power I do not believe starter turned. I have good power to everything. Gotta be a ground right. I had just started it an hour prior so what did I do. If anyone else has ran into this let me no. I will post pics of the car soon. I really didnt want to tear into a 95 with 130k on it but what a base for a door slammer drag car. It even came with a Cobra R hood on it.
  9. If you think its a ground just run a ground from the battery to the side of the block and see if you can get yourself somewhere that way. That will tell you if you need to find a lose ground or just add one in general. It sounds like a ground issue to me. But it could also be a short somewhere as well. When you turn the key does the dome light come right back on as soon as you lay off the key or do you have to turn it completely off and back on to get your dome light back? Usually if you have to turn the key completely back off then back on its a short somewhere. Now that has backfired before but 9 out of 10 it means a short. Other than that I believe it would be some ground
  10. Try cranking it again. When you get no crank, slightly back off the ignition switch. If it turns over, you need a new ignition switch.

  11. Yes when i turn the key I have to turn it completely off to get power back. All my wiring from batery to starter to box all tested fine. So if shorting it is something I havent touched yet. I didnt mess with it today missouri was wet and depressing. The ignition switch is a thought. Dont they normally crap out over time and not all at once? I love this sight surely we will figure it out. I will look for short and report back. One thing I have learned in the last month if your brothers and friends want to come over and drink beer and work on your car just let them hand you wrenches and drink your beer. I find myself going over not just what I've done but also sifting through what they have done.
  12. I did find it the power wire on the starter was grounded a little.
  13. Try another battery. Had one that did the same thing. Then the ticking went away, after more cranking attempts. Put it on a charger overnight. Same thing in the morning, Took it to get tested, it passed the battery test. Got another one anyway, and it started.
  14. Funny thats what was wrong the battery was dead........ Thanks