Help on ash tray lid and visor light

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by asburydan, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. 1. My recently purchased '88 GT has a sprung lid on the ash tray/cigarette lighter so it stays half open. (common among others I have seen and owned). Any help on how to fix it?
    2. Lid on visors that coves the lighted mirror is warped so that you must insert someithing between lid and black button that makes light go off when closed. Any ideas on how to fix or resouce to replace visor?
    Thanks for our help.
  2. 50restoration should be able to send you visor stuff.

    in muscle mustang and ff a saw an ad for a ashtray fix kit for $20.
    it was overpriced but worth it. i think mavront industries or something. maybe 50 reso will have that too.

  3. Thanks for leads.
  4. To change out that ashtray lid spring, you'll have to unbolt your center console armrest completely (8MM bolts), and then the whole lower center console and lift it out, or at least enough so that you can see undernieth it to install the spring. I think you'll also need to take off the shifter plate bezzle to get at the bolts for the center console closest to the radio tray. I think the spring is just one or two pieces and yeah, they're $20 a kit. If you have those 4-way buttons for the side mirrors, you'll have to be careful and either unplug it or make sure there's enough slack in the cord so that you don't snap the connections. If you know where all the screws and bolts are it should be a short job.
  5. I had that visor problem on my '88 GT and i just epoxy'ed a '88 penny
    (how clever) to the visor and that fixed the problem for very little $.
  6. The door can be fixed with just a simple spring, attach one end to the lip, and notch one of the door arms to put the other end of the spring there. Granted, this fix wont have the factory function of opening and staying open on its own, but 20 bux for a fix is overpriced. I can send pics on request.