help on doin motor /trans mounts in driveway, k member brace questions


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Oct 17, 2003
Richmond, VA
i know everyone says its really easy to do the motor and trans mounts and its been covered a ton of times, but ive never done it before. so i can get the car on my ramps in the front, then put the back axletubes on stands (i only have 2 ramps, 2 stands and one jack) then get a block of wood and put it on my jack, and raise the motor up and do one mount at a time? how much do you have to raise the motor, i know if have to undo the fan shroud, thats no big deal, but nothing else will interfere? i just dont feel like if i jack the motor up i can get to the mounts and get them loose and to wiggle out, and have enough room to get the new energy suspension ones in.

for anyone wondering about the poly motor mounts, i figured this out when i bought mine, prothane motor mounts are not the convertible style, the energy ones are, thats why mm sells the energy suspension ones, the trans mounts are the same.

also i have a 4pt k member brace from mm in there, is that going to be in the way mainly? is it worth it to remove it? i ask becuase i dont have the stock bolts with me, the k member brace adds 2 new bolts to the k member, and then 2 other bolts replace stock bolts and are longer, so if i took the brace out the k member would be down 2 bolts cause even if i put the long ones in id probably run out of thread.

the trans mount is easy from what i hear, i was planning on doign that myself.

i got a guy who said he would do it for 150, all 3 mounts, but he wants me to leave it, and hes going to use a hoist and such and didnt want to listen to me when i said you could use a jack, and i dont know this guy at all so i think thats out, my shop here has done some pretty good work before for me, and he quoted me 180 for all 3 and 90 dollars for the 2 motor mounts.

should i just do them myself or just pay the 90 and be done with it other than throwing the trans mount in.

i didnt get crossmember bushings either, they are fine.

as far as my mechanic abilities some have called me a noob, but i did my 5 lug swap, ive helped friends do trans swaps, and the thought of doing motor mounts doesent scare me at all, the thought that does scare me is my motor jumping the jack.
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Shaolin Crane

Oct 6, 2008
if you have a harbor freight engine hoist you can use that too, you only have to go up a few inches, take off the fan housing, remove the intake tubing and get the car up in the air, have someone use a 2.4 to rock the engine or lift it up with the jack, either way its simple and can be done with hand tools, and i dont forsee that brace being an issue either

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Jun 25, 2003
Norman, Ok
yup, just pull the fan and shroud and disconnect the intake, everything else has enough slack to move up with the engine. just gotta jack it up enough so that the stud on the mount clears the k member, so about 2-3 inches.
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