help on first mustang purchase

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  1. Im looking to get a weekend car. I could go up to 10kish but would love to go under so I could make it my own. I like the 99-04 body most but the body before is nice also. I would do suspension mods and full exhaust on either along with tune and short throw. All basic bolt ons on the motor and whesls and tires. Could anyone point me towards a model to buy anx tell me what to look for.
  2. With that kind of budget I would look into a 2003 Mach 1, 1999 or a 2001 Cobra- each model is a 4valve(big 4.6) and all make 300+hp. The New Edge GT's (99-04) are nice as well but lack the power that the mach1/cobra's have, though they are still nice and have potential for room to grow. Hope that helps, btw you can find a really clean/nice lower mileage 99 or 01 Cobra for 10k or less if your patient and come across the right deal, thats what I would shoot for. Good Luck
  3. Hey man, I would go with a 01 Cobra or a Bullitt during those years. You will be able to find some that have low miles in your price range. Or you could look for a nice fox body? One with low miles...............
  4. I'm still lookibg for a solid car. My wife will dd so needs to be a good car.

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  5. I'm guessing you need to look a bit harder! :D But seriously, have you narrowed it down to what you're after?
  6. I have grown to like the fox body's over the last yr or so of looking. Power wise they seem to be down. What kinda budget to get up in the 300 range.
  7. Im looking at getting this 07 gt base. Its leather with a shaker500. The wheels are some kind of shelby 20"s. Car has 120k and I can get it for 9500. It needs a windshield and what sounds like shocks. Good or bad buy