help on my tattoo for my car

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  1. ok guys been wanting to get a tattoo to reprsent my car.. well my car is a 73 mach1 and its name is nancy and i have been trying to think of a tattoo that i could get to incorprate its name as well as a symbol. i was thinking of maybe some racing symbols or something along those lines. any help would be great give me some of your neat ideas..
  2. Simple. Go with the '66 Mustang fender badge; which is the running horse superimposed over verticle red/white/blue "tricolor" bars. (If you can't find a picture of the badge on a '66, look for a factory copy of it on later-year V6 SN95's) Over the top of that, maybe just below the running horse, have the penner script in Nancy. Done.

    Yesyesyes, I know "Nancy" goes on first, then the badge in the background. I just typed it out the way I did for clarity.
  3. You could always get "Nancy" tattooed on your backside :lol:
  4. I have seen tats like this and they look pretty good....

  5. ya tramp stamp huh.. i dont know if i want to get the traditional runing horse... can you guys think of anything along the lines of mach1 theme.. hmm its so hard to figure out what to get in order to like it latter..
  6. I don't know about a symbol, other than to use the traditional running horse, something along the lines of what StDr proposed. It's a universal icon, so it's kind of hard to deviate from it. Unless you just do something like a horse, or horseshoe. But, then, you have to explain its relevance if someone doesn't know that you have a Mustang.

    If you put the name in your tattoo, then you have an almost perfect name if you want to try this idea: Use the famous 'mach 1' font to write the name Nancy in the tattoo. If you have a good artist, they can use the 'M' as a template for the 'N's, and you have the 'a' and 'c' already. All they need to do is freehand a reasonable 'y' to match the other letters.

    I hope my explanation of the name/font thing makes sense. It's getting late and it's been a long day. If it makes no sense, just tell me. I'll try again. :D
  7. well i think i might use that idea and right nancy in mach1 font then have the running horse in the background of it then the red white blue strips behind as well. good idea guys