Help On Purchasing Decision, 1986 4 Cylinder Notchback

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  1. Hi, Im in desperate need of some help here guys. Ive spent the past hour researching and looking around, but the prices are so varied and cars so customized that I can't pinpoint anything.
    I have an opportunity to buy a 1986 LX mustang 4 cylinder/carborated. The only thing it needs is a blower for heat/ac, possible a heater coil also(but probably not)
    Other than that, the body only has a small dent in rear quarter, large scratch on passenger door, and the radio isn't set in correct.
    The car has "68k" but its possible it has 168k (any help or tips on figuring that out when i go to look at it tomorrow would be great also.)
    He is asking $1050, but he doesn't want it anymore and its just taking up space, so Im confident i can talk him down to around $700, probably ending at $800..

    What i need to know, is what is the resale value of this Mustang if i take car of it and clean it up?
    Any help would be appreciated, as im going to look at it tomorrow, and its 2 hours away, so i need to make a decision before I leave. Thank you so much.
  2. A non-turbo 4-cylinder Mustang that's 25+ years isn't really something I'd look to "flip." If it really has 68k - only way I know of to check would be carfax and that might not help if it's had the same owner since before it hit 68k - and is as clean as you say, you'd be lucky to get $2500 for it, in my opinion. I wouldn't pay more than $800 but you should be able to get it for half that.
    Good luck an let us know how it turns out!
  3. Well thats really disappointing. I recently bought a 1990 4cyl for $825, and was able to sell it off for $1750 without putting anywork into it. So i thought id be able to to the same thing here. Is there a large price gap between the models 86' and lower compared to the 87-93 era of stangs? I read a bit about the suspension difference but that about it..?
    Thanks again.
  4. 8 cylinder notches are starting to pull more of a premium. So if you really want to flip it and have the time/abilities, do the transplant and call it a day.
  5. I didn't think there was much of a difference in suspension through the Fox Mustangs but '87+ 2.3's are EFI and in '91 they added the dual plug head for better emissions.
    There aren't very many '86 Mustangs for sale to gauge what a "good price" is to buy one with intent to quickly sell it for more. On craigslist in my area, there is an '86 5.0 for sale for $2000 with 60k on it. There's also an '86 2.3 with 51k for $3300. Both look well cared for. With prices varying so much, one would have to see the condition of the vehicles before saying it's worth trying to resell at profit very quickly.
    Did you see the car Tuesday?
  6. Not a popular year for Mustang IMO. However, if you do a nice job with it, the only problem I would see you having is either A: getting the $$ you put in back out or B: letting go after spending quality time and $$ on it. I say pass...unless you get the carfax and see what you are really getting into.