help pick wheels for shadow

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Which set?

  1. Crager (chrome)

  2. Bullitt (obvious)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. okay lets see if i can make the poll work. never tried one.

    anyways i put some new wheels on my fairlane. We finally got the bullitt wheels on there, and for any that remember my first post about that wheel spacers were necessary on the midsize cars.

    so heres the deal, i put the bullitts on to take some pics and think about it, and this link goes to an album i set up with pics of the old crager (passenger side) 5 stars. and a pic with the new bullitts (driver side) on it.

    we only had 2 17" tires and miraculously they came out to the same width and heigth of my old tires and with the spacers its perfect.

    I need opinions to decide if i should actually buy these things or stick with the old chromies.

    It started as an experiment but im really diggin these wheels.

    now on to the poll, if it dont work, just reply to the post or something and il tally it up later.

    so enjoy the first existing pics of Shadow.

  2. Had to vote for the Bullitts. You can't beat that classic look with a nice 17" rim. just my .02

  3. I have no preference at all :rolleyes:


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  4. Gotta be biased. :)

  5. thanks for the imput guys, obviously it's pretty common to put these things on classic stangs cuz they just look good. I didn't know what they'd look like on a 4 door, and i didnt even like em much at first, but every time i walk past that car I want to keep them.

    I think i will buy these things later when i can afford them, but for now the cars goin back into active duty this week cuz my trucks goin into the shop. I have the wrong lugz on the wheels, and the tires aren't balanced yet. So i gotta put my old ones back on today. :(

    plus the longer they stay on my car the more i wanna buy em and i cant afford them yet so i gotta get rid of em for now.

    thanks for the opinions