help picking a roush supercharger...


Sep 2, 2004
I am ready to pull the trigger on this, and thought I was settled on the roush tvs. I have an 06 gt, I was going to get the edelbrock, JDM told me I might be happier with the roush. My problem is I want a supercharger that I can continue to use if I build the engine. I am confused by the new roush single vs dual belt system. I am looking online, but am obviously still confused. It seems that the roush tvs will go from 525 (what I want on my stock engine) to 700 on a built engine. If I blow the engine up, I don't want to rebuild it and need another supercharger.
Does anyone have experience with the single/dual belt systems? We do not have a roush dealer here in Maine, so I'm having trouble talking with someone face to face.
Any advice would be helpful. I don't want to make a 7K mistake!
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Feb 14, 2008
Call JDM or Roush and have them answer any questions you may have about the single or dual belt FEAD systems. My understanding of it is that the single belt FEAD (front end accessory drive) uses one belt to run all your existing accessories (PS pump, water pump, alternator, AC, etc.) which puts more stress on the belt and may cause belt stretch. The dual belt FEAD uses a dedicated belt for the supercharger, which will give you more control of the speed the supercharger is driven and be easier on the belts. Someone correct me if I misunderstood Roush's information.

The Edelbrock and Roush both use the same Eaton TVS supercharger, so there should not be any significant difference in power potential. They are packaged differently, but same guts. I like the cleaner looks of the Roush over all the plastic of the Edelbrock. If you blow up your motor, your supercharger would not need to be replaced, unless something really bad happened. When they blow up it is usually a rod that fails, sometimes blowing a hole in your block.

Good advice to go to too.


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Sep 16, 2001
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My Roush has a m90 on it...its a safe 435hp that can easily put out 500hp at the crank and the whole set up is 3995.00. No need to worry about blowing the motor. It may be a good option for you.


Sep 2, 2004
Thanks guys, I will check out that site.
I wasn't worried about the supercharger blowing up, just blowing the engine, having a new one built and then not being able to reuse the supercharger to get more horsepower. I want the option of a supercharger that will "grow" with a new engine. I am not planning on getting rid of this car, so I am trying to take this approach. I would have the engine redone now...but it only has 23k on it.
Thanks again,


Sep 2, 2004
Hey Klaw, not it has been two! I was ready to go last year and the tax man took it all!! The money was in my hand and off it went. The great thing was my wife had put the money aside, I wouldn't have been able to save it. If you want tax revolt and revolution in America, just have everyone do their own withholdings, see the money in your account, and then send it off every quarter THEN find out you have to pony up more because you miscalculated.
Yes, this super charger has been a long time coming, but again, does anyone want to make a 7K mistake?


Oct 11, 2007
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Well I'm glad you're going to be able to do it now. Be prepared for the perma-grin.

I'm biased but I'd go with the Whipple HO kit. Once you decide to go with forged internals you could upgrade the blower drive to a 10-rib (two choices now). It's pretty hard to miss with any of the kits except for maybe the Roushcharger (M-90) that doesn't leave much room for bigger numbers.
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