!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!! Pilot Bearing STUCK in engine, Help me get it out!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Starscream88, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Ok,

    Im doing my clutch obviously,

    Everything was fine, Up untill the pilot bearing removal :(

    The thing just will NOT come out,
    I have a slide hammer tool with a little pick at the end,
    Ive hit it and smacked it so much the inner bearing has broken to bits and come out :(

    Not Im just left with the outer bit of the bearing still stuck in
    Im really worried now,

    Anyone got any tips how to get this out??
    Any pics or discriptions of other tools I could try,
    what about heating it? or it it too close to the rear main seal/other rubber gaskets to try this?

    Please help!
  2. I had the same problem. :nonono: I had to sit there with a chizel and hammer for about 2 hours and just beat the crap out of it.:notnice: Just try not to hit the crank, even though I did a few times. Good luck.
  3. Well I do have air tools at my disposal,

    I was thinking of taking the air chisel to it,

    But I was scared to :(

    I wonder If I rent a tool from Autozone that might get it out,

    although its in a sorry state as of now,

    I have a real crap removal tool, It looks like a punch but the end has a little grove cut out with a little edge to "hook" in there,
    Ive hooked and pulled too much and killed the inside,
  4. that tool sucks, I rented it and borke it and lost my deposit, I agree with cardudeusa. I would buy a new craftsman chisel ( one small enough to just work one side) and cut a "V" section out of tat outer ring. I did it and it took 30 minutes of just working the metal. I also caught the crank a few times but there is nothing wrong with that. Just be careful and take your time. it works. Some use the grease, socket and hammer method but that made a big mess for me.
  5. Mess dosent bother me lol
    I just want the little crap bag out of there!
  6. So is breaking it out the only option I have now ??:shrug:
  7. I had to take a chisel to mine too. Just get a nice sharp one. Just take your time with it, It'll split apart and fall right out.
  8. I used the slide hammer on mine.. Yes i did break it all apart and had roller bearings flying every which way.. Finally came out tho.. Just keep trying !!
  9. if its brass you can find a big tap,tap it out put a long bolt in it on a tube, wash and nut and tighten the nut, if its a roller you can make a slide hamer out of ready rod
  10. I had the same problem... I used an air chssel which I can not recommend, but the f***er was out of there in like 10 minutes... lol I hit the crank a few times, but no problems.
  11. You dont need to do any of those things! You could damage the crank! Take a bolt, or some sort of steel shaft that barely fits into the hole of the pilot bearing. When you find something that fits, take a grease gun, and fill the pilot bearing hole full. Take the shaft, bolt, whatever, stick it in the hole, and hit it with a hammer. Works like a F-N' charm. The bolt pushes the grease, which hydraulically pushes the pilot bearing out.
  12. using a air chisel is not recommended because you can damage the crank. Go to O'reily's or advanced and rent a gear pulley with nice clawed ends. Usually autozone has tools that are used extensively and worn on the gear teeth. Do not worry about tearing the bearing up the goal is to get it out without damaging the crank.
  13. Cool,
    I shall give one or two of them a try today :)
  14. never heard of the grease trick souns lit it would slick
  15. Ive heard of it, but I was told it wont work on that type of pilot bearing. :shrug:
  16. It works, but you have to be carefull. If it isnt done just right, you pound the crap out of your crank and squirt grease everywhere. The only way we know to get them out is piece by piece, with a brass mallet and chisel. PIA, but it has to be done.
  17. I am telling you, you wont damage the crank at all if you take you time and take little pieces out. i tried the hydraulic method and it did nothing cept squirt grease everywhere. it was easier for me to do the chisel method. I bought a brand new chisel for 2 bucks and used a reg hammer and just started to make a "V" shape taking little pieces out. within 30 minutes it was out. just dont chisel into the crank. and you can damage the crank from the grease method by going to deep and pounding on the crank!
  18. I tried the grease thing- NO WAY DID IT WORK. Who ever started saying it worked must have been drunk. The pilot bushing is pressed in GOOD. I have chizled mine out and put a new one in and after putting it the trans back in the transmission would not go in gear (grinded when I put it in gear). Come to find out the new pilot bearing was not spining- causing the input shaft to spin with the motor (like the clutch not releasing). I caused a ridge on the crank using a chizel pushing one side of the bearing. Honestly- go to a transmission shop. Ask to borrow one for one hour and give him lunch money. I did it and the guy had a Mac tool pilot removal tool. SWEET.

    P.S. Get a good bearing also. MADE IN USA. NOT the China ones- like dorman uses.
  19. The grease trick works really well. I know I use it all the time. I fill the hole with grease and then I put a craftsman 3/8 drive socket backwards that fits the hole snug and I put a 6"-3/8" extension in the socket to plug up the socket hole and I pound on the socket extension with a ball peen hammer.It works everytime. You have to fill the hole with grease 2-3 times using this method but it really works. And it makes a big mess. But it does not ruin the end of the crank.
  20. Well I got it out with the chisel idea,

    I did hit the crank a few times but nothing major,
    The new one was a PITA to get in too, really had to hit it good to get it in,

    Well everythings back together now,
    Tomorrow I shall re-fit the exhaust, and alls done,

    Pedal feel much better, Less effort that the last one,