Help please....How do I measure the Width of a Rim?

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  1. So I bent one of my Boyd Coddington smoothie rims...I am about to replace it. I cant remember if It's a 18x8 or 18x9 ??

    I pt a measuring tape to it and it measured at 10 inches...which is not possible as when I ordered them I order a set of 18x8's or 18x9 for the front and 18x10's in I know I am not measuring it right..

    Any info is appreicated.

    Also, I looked on the inside of the rim and it appears the mesurment marking have been scracthed or rubbed off.

  2. if it measures 10 it's actually 9....1/2 inch on both sides for the bead....same as measuring the size...a 17 inch will measure 18 1/2
  3. you have to measure from the inside of the bead to the inside of the other.
  4. It cant be 9 has to be like 8? I am going to take the tire off and measure..thanx guys.