Help Please!!!!! Where Do I Go To Get Parts

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  1. ok so im running into some problems buying parts for my 94 convert.

    im looking for the 3 gaskets on each side of the convert top that the windows close to and a drivers side rear seat belt (buddy pulled it out to its stops and now it wont roll back up

    i called ford American muscle pepboys autozone napa and advance auto parts none of them have this stuff

  2. Check Late Model Restoration
  3. tried them also thats where i got the gasket picture all they have is lap belts and 5 points ... my car has ones in the back like the front and as you can see they only have the center gasket for my car i need all 3 on each side
  4. I have found a place before called CJPony Parts. Don't know if you have tried them or not? I guess as a last resort, maybe salvage yards? I know, gaskets are probably a stretch at a salvage yard, but it may be worth a shot.
  5. has lots of stuff.