Help Please!!!!! Where Do I Go To Get Parts

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  1. ok so im running into some problems buying parts for my 94 convert.

    im looking for the 3 gaskets on each side of the convert top that the windows close to and a drivers side rear seat belt (buddy pulled it out to its stops and now it wont roll back up

    i called ford American muscle pepboys autozone napa and advance auto parts none of them have this stuff

  2. Check Late Model Restoration
  3. tried them also thats where i got the gasket picture all they have is lap belts and 5 points ... my car has ones in the back like the front and as you can see they only have the center gasket for my car i need all 3 on each side
  4. I have found a place before called CJPony Parts. Don't know if you have tried them or not? I guess as a last resort, maybe salvage yards? I know, gaskets are probably a stretch at a salvage yard, but it may be worth a shot.
  5. has lots of stuff.
  6. You might be able to find some Ford NOS. They were killed off by Ford in 2012. The only ones left are the ones you have posted in the picture.