Help Please With Vortech Install. Installing right Now!

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  1. Ok Fellas, I bought this charger on ebay cause the guy said it was for the 96-98 2V mustangs. I was like kool! Well I got it today and am working on istalling it right now and I have since run into some problems. Look in the pic they got some parts that arent right and the intake tube is way differant. The charger mounting bracket has a blue annonized plate with Vortech written on it and a picture of a cobra (snake) under it. I dont think the plate or idler will bolt up to my 2v. Where can I order a new plate and intake assembly and have it shipped next day. PLEASE help. Unless someone wants this kit for their cobra.


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  2. I am ouitside working on this thing and It aint gonna work. Someone help me!
  3. Have you went on vortech's website and downloaded the install manual yet? In the manual it has a complete parts list for each application/year. Go through the parts list and see what parts you need or are missing. Maybe you just don't have things lined up quite right. I know I had a hard time trying to figure out how my bracket was supposed to bolt up because I missed the bolt right below the ribbed idler pulley. If you are sure you do not have the right parts try contacting Cobra Killer He might be able to get you the bracket and other parts you need.
  4. Thats a cobra kit..........

    You'll need a new bracket and discharge tube to make it work.

    Call me,I'll help you get the right part numbers.

  5. The parts in the picture all look correct, but I don't the the MAF/air filter assembly, mounting bracket, and some of the odds and ends. If the air inlet to the throttle body is round you have the correct one. I don't know about the bracket, because you didn't show that, but maybe you got a kit for the 94-95 instead of the 96-98. Did you also get a bracket for the passenger side coil pack? Can you post pictures of the bracket you have?
  6. Sam,look @ the discharge tube.Its for a cobra.Which means the bracket is as well.He has the wrong kit.Also notice how the blower is clocked down?Cobra again..Its a cobra kit.:)

  7. Man...I feel sorry for you.... Might want to talk to the guy who sold you a kit for "2V" mustangs. Good luck
  8. I'd be pissed :mad:
  9. From what I can see in his picture, the tube doesn't look any different than mine, but it is hard to see it on that small picture. You're probably right... :shrug:
  10. Never argue with Cobra Killer :nono: :lol: :rlaugh:
  11. Never argue with Cobra Killer :nono: :rlaugh: :lol:
  12. Here's a picture to show you what the discharge tube looks like on an 02 GT.....

    The discharge tube is definitely wrong.