HELP Power loss, Engine shake, rough idle


New Member
May 9, 2010
My 01' automatic v6 started making a little noise months ago which slowly got worse, turned out to be exhaust leak right before the flange on the exhaust manifold. The small leak eventually turned into the whole pipe off the flange and a rediculously loud noice. The day after the pipe came off I had been driving for about 5 minutes and suddenly it started to run horribly: huge loss of power, delayed/weak response to gas pedal, trouble changing gears a couple times, whole car shakes when idle in any gear, also after coming to a stop or reving it then letting it idle the engine will start to sputter and sound like its going to shut off. The same time it suddenly started running that bad the check engine light started blinking. Diagnostics came up with code p1401, I figured it was from the exhaust manifold being broken.
I have just replaced the manifold and the noise from the exhaust leak is gone, but all the other problems are still there. So i replaced the spark plugs and spark plug wires, also the fuel filter, about a month ago when it was still running ok i replaced the egr vlave. The only mod on the car is a K&N CAI, i've had it on for about a year and a half.
ANY help diagnosing what is wrong with it and what to do would be a huge help!
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