Help - Replace a MACH 460 head unit with OEM SAT-ready non- MACH head unit?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by ramman999, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. I did not see this covered in past threads but I figured someone out there would be able to guide me in the right direction.

    I have a 01 GT conv with a stock Mach 460 system (6 disc in dash). Rather than continue to use an add on sirius radio with FM modulator, I was kicking around utilizing a OEM Sat ready radio I recently swapped out of my Expedition. This way, I add the $50 under dash receiver and antenna and I am able to keep the interior clutter free and stock.

    Before I attempt this and start chasing connectors, etc. is there anything with the 460 systems that require a "mach 460" radio? I would assume connectors might prove difficult to chase, but I am not familiar enough with the mach systems to know.

    Worse case scenario I'll either E - Bay both my stock radios and I will swap out to a later model Mach 460 sat ready unit, or just break down and get an after market one. Just wanted to see if I can use what I already have.
  2. For the money, you'd be WAY better off just going aftermarket than trying to splice in another OEM radio.
  3. Unfortunately that's sort of what I figured. I was trying to keep the interior as stock as possible, but since I swapped in an Eclipse AVN unit into my Expedition, I am thinking I will do the same with this car-
  4. do the same, and either re wire the car to your "avn" type HU or buy and amp and wire that way. running through the mach 460 amps will not give you the sound quality your looking for
  5. If your Expedition is an '03-'05, the mounting & radio chassis size should be the same. The wiring will be a little in depth, but is possible. You're going to need ~$80 in harness'/parts, and that's not even dealing with factory satellite radio yet. Which brings me to this question; where are you sourcing a factory sat tuner and antenna for $50?
  6. E - Bay actually. I picked up the OEM sat ready radio for the truck for $75 about a year ago. I picked up the receiver/antenna kit for $50. Before I installed, I sourced an AVN 5500 radio and sat tuner for $350, which is what is installed in the truck now.

    Of couse, I've since sold the OEM equipment about a month ago and looking for another AVN unit to swap into the truck, and will put the 5500 into the car :nonono: