Help Replacement T-top For 87 Gt

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  1. Ok so after much internal conflict I decided to part with my 87 t-top gt due to an impending cross country move for the Navy. I found a guy who to my surprise was medically retired from the Navy due to a service related injury overseas who also has a strong love of mustangs. He gladly took her off my hands. Unfortunately on his 2 hour drive back home he lost the passenger side t top. I feel compelled to help him source a replacement because I can only imagine how he feels. Can any one help me find him a replacement.
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  2. Good luck in your search. They are not easy to come across, and you will have to more than likely find a pair. As far as I know they do not reproduce that glass.
  3. thats a tough find without constantly scouring craiglist
  4. The 82 glass works but the metal trim on the t-top is different
  5. at least they are out there if you look!
  6. Kudos to the OP for being a stand up guy.:nice:

    Finding a replacement though is not going to be easy. Try MPS in Atlanta or Eddyson in Miami.
  7. I don't think I've ever driven my T-top with the glass on. I know there is someone locally out here selling a pair of tops for $40 in good condition. I've thought about picking them up just in case If i ever need a replacement.
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    I actually bought a replacement set about a year ago. When we crashed my car at the track I was sure I needed them, somehow 150mph to concrete wall didn't break them :shrug:
  9. At least 150 mph + concrete wall didn't break you either.
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