Help selecting shifter please...

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by allcarfan, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. I am looking for a ratchet shifter that works with a reverse manual valve body in a C4. I would like to have a rubber or leather-like boot. I am looking at the B&M hammer shifter, but I dont know if it has a reverse ratchet shifter like action. I am not intersted in a 1/4stick. The quick silver shifter looks good, but, again, i dont know if it has a reverse shifting action...and it really doesnt have a boot.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? pics?
  2. I have a B&M Hammer shift, yes it will ratchet both reverse and forward. It's a great shifter, solid ratchets, and the feel of it is great.
  3. Got a pic of it installed?
  4. Sure do.
    I have lowered the shifter base quite a bit since this picture. Just cut the bottom of the base. So, it looks alot better in there now than it did in this pic.
  5. how much did you trim off? I plan on doing the same thing. I ordered one earlier today
  6. I don't remember exactly how much (sorry it was last year:p) But, I just trimmed it down until it looked good and functioned well.
  7. That steering wheel must be pretty popular, because my car had the same one when i first bought it, but i didnt really care for it so i changed it to another Grant wheel, the 3 spoke wheel with the Mustang emblem on the horn button :nice:

    BTW- Your interior looks nice :)
  8. Thanks.:) I have only seen this steering wheel on one other car around here.
    Speaking of the interior, that reminds me I need some sort of new pedals.:scratch: I don't like the stock ones...
  9. Some nice billet pedals would look cool :nice:
  10. I thought so too, do you know where I can find some? :D
  11. Nope, sorry. Im sure that you could find some though, it just may take a little searching :)
  12. Well I have a couple of questions, after seeing the hammer installed i am definitly going to get one, but what is involved in doing this? if i wanted to move the shifter torwds me some would there be a big hole in the floor???? or becasue the console is big would it cover that up? will i get quicker shifts be getting that or would i need a shift kit too?
  13. A shift kit will get you crisper shifts.

    I will do a write up with pics this weekend when i install the hammer shifter.
  14. Sounds like a plan to me lol, did you ever get your grille done?