Help! Sos!locked Keys In Car No Power Locks

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  1. How do I open my fox I have no power locks
  2. Ask your wife. She has the keys.
  3. I've done it once in my old Ranger and once in my old Stang... Both times I just pulled the window out as far as possible from the top, grabbed something to place in the crack to hold it open, then went reaching in. Sure, it scraped up my arm and hurt for a couple of days, but I got in.
  4. Sadly, there is a way to unlock the doors without a key. All you need is a thin screwdriver. I won't post it on a public message board though
  5. Pretty well known in the industry. Every mechanic has one in his tool box as you will close the door with the keys in the ignition at least one time during your career.

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  6. There's still another way....
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  7. GabbroRockCreek1.jpg
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  8. Needs to be a little bit bigger than that.

    But there is a way to get in using one of these very easily
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  9. Yup i had someone show me that with a ranger work truck. We used the antenna on the truck and it took about 1-2 min, pretty ridiculous.
  10. Makes me want to take off my door panels and rig up a blocker of some sort.
  11. A good story though, i seen a guy at a grocery store lot who locked them in his ranger. He was also in a work truck flippin out on the phone. I over heard him so i walked over, pulled his antenna off and did my thing. His mouth dropped :eek: but he was back inside his truck in 3min.
  12. Just remove the door popper rods.
  13. :chin I may have some new projects soon.